Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Stitching...

This little skirt is so adorable! It started out as a pair of blue jeans. I cut off the legs and added the black polka-dotted 'skirt', and made a reversable tote bag to match. This picture shows the skirt and one side of the tote. The reverse side is the black and pink fabrics pieced together into a 9-patch quilt square pattern. Claire thought this was for her, and when she found out I was planning on selling it she got very upset! Of course, now she wants me to make one just for her!

Here is another tote I was trying to get up here earlier but, you know Blogger...

This one is also reversable. One side is made of 2 different, yet coordinating brown and green fabrics, pieced together into a 9-patch quilt square pattern. I really need a new picture though, because this side, with 5 of the lighter (green) squares, looks kind of meager. The other side has 5 of the dark brown squares and 4 of the green squares, and it looks much bolder.

This is just a close up shot of the patchworked fabrics.

This is a close up of the inside/reverse side fabric. This is definitely very busy too me, and not my favorite side, but it's pretty cool anyway. I like this collection of fabrics because there are so many great colors included!

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Gina said...

wow, that's fabulous!