Sunday, November 12, 2006

What a wonderful weekend!

The lifting of the load has made it possible for me to enjoy my family again, and, I decided that I was taking a vacation from crafting Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in order to enjoy it thouroughly! My mom and dad came into town on Thursday and didn't leave until today; the weather was absolutely picture perfect, and yesterday we were able to take the kids to the zoo. I've heard that the San Antonio Zoo was really nice, and it's true...lots of active, healthy and happy looking animals! Unlike the zoo in Houston, where it is so hot and miserable, the animals never move, IF they are even out. Of course, the hippos really stink (!), but just don't breathe and you'll be ok! lol!

I've also had a few of the best nights of rest I've had in quite some time!

Today I even got to meet a new blogger/crafter friend! I was bloghopping one day, and came across the crafty blog of another San Antonian who lives remarkably close to me, and sews some beautiful things! Her name is Monica, and you can check out her blog HERE. You have to check out the white skirt with black accents she made for her daughter, and the dress she made for herself to wear to attend a wedding...both are gorgeous! She is so nice and sweet...look what she made just for me!

What's weird is, we have only communicated through email a few times, and never about what we like, but this ATC could not be more perfect for me! The little quilted vintage fabrics along with that perfectly sweet, hand embroidered little blue bird tweeting, "Good luck!"...I had to fight back the tears while we were still in Starbucks, but once I got in the car a few did pop out! lol! It deserves a very special place...I'm thinking about plucking a little tiny branch/twig off of one of the Cedar trees in the backyard, attatching some yellow embroidery floss to the card, tieing it to the twig, and hanging it on the wall in my office/studio. It's too beautiful to hide away.'s to my wonderful weekend, and hopes that everyone else out there had one too!

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