Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The finished Target Towel Tote!

This tote bag was made for Ethan's teacher out of a kitchen towel I found at Target...well, the towel inspired it, I should say. (There is a picture of the original, full sized towel just a couple of posts below.)

So this is the outside of the tote, just right for the Holiday Season:

And this is the inside/reversable side, so she will still be in total style the whole year through! lol!

And I'm just adding this because everyone always asks...No, I did not do the Santa, snowman and trees applique. That came on the towel. However, the red and white polka-dot fabric was in my stash, and yes, I made the mushroom.


Elizabeth K said...

okay, that is super cute!

little lovelies said...

That mushroom purse is quite possibly my favorite purse ever. So cute!