Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Soft Tree

Stephanie at Little Birds posted a pattern for these little soft Christmas Trees, so I decided to give it a try. (You really should go check hers out because they are all so beautiful!) Of course Claire wanted one, so the first one I made was decorated with ladybugs. Well, ladybug buttons! lol!

I cheated a little, though...Stephanie's have a bottom sewn onto them but, when I had finished sewing up the side and turned it right side out, it stood on it's own. So for a couple of reasons: 1) not enough time; and 2) it's going to look a lot better without my handstitching showing; I decided to just leave it alone. I did put a little stuffing in it to hold it's shape a little better, but it does need more...ok, and probably a bottom, too. I'll try that next time. Maybe.

Here it is on the table in the entry way...

It looks so tiny compared to that tall, red, mosaic tree thing! It matches and does look Christmasy, though! I have 2 more in the works right now, so we'll see how those turn out.

In other news: I finally opened an Etsy shop! It took me, literally, all morning just to get it set up and post 3 tote bags in it. Then I couldn't get the Etsy link on my sidebar working right! grrrrrr! So I just left it. Then came back at 11:00 last night and finally got it worked out after 3 or 4 more tries. Computering is not my forte...yeah, like we didn't know that already! lol!

In the works for today (I'm thinking if I put this here y'all will hold me accountable for it, right?) I really, really, really have to finish a stocking for a friends' son. They moved earlier this year, and now they are missing a box of Christmas decorations and one of her sons' Christmas Stocking. So, gotta get that done. And...another friends' daughter has decided she wants to be a chef when she grows up, so her mom asked me to make her an apron for Christmas...ya know, I kinda feel like one of Santa's elves! lol! Gotta finish my friend Deb's shirt, too. She wants me to alter a denim shirt by putting all kinds of things on it. But this is literally the hardest thing I have ever done! I have done my own...my shorts are in my flickr album...and to me it's very personal and it's just hard to do that kind of thing for someone else. And of course, I finally had it all figured out, and last night I thought of a whole new thing for the back! But...I do think she will like this idea better. I hope! Oh yeah...and Claire wants to go to Krispy Kreme. I told her if she let me finish a couple of things I need to mail off, we will have to go to the post office, and it's right around the corner from KK...so she says she will let me work...we shall see!

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