Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thrifty Vintage Finds in Gruene

Oh! Gruene, TX! I cannot believe I waited so long to go! But, I didn't want to go in the middle of summer, and this past weekend was perfect...nice and cool enough just to be considered cold. It was worth the wait!

Now, this first piece is neither 'thrifty' nor 'vintage'(bought at a regular gift shop), but...it is gorgeous and it is mine! A sculpture by artist Sandy Coulter of 'Full of Spirit Creations'. This is one of her smaller sculptures. She also has bigger ones (probably 18" to 2' tall, maybe???) that are also GORGEOUS!!! There is one in that shop that was literally pulling me to it! I don't know if y'all believe in that kind of thing or think I'm crazy or what, but, it was way, way in the back of the shop, and I could literally feel a gravitational pull...I couldn't stop and look at anything until I made my way back there. And I don't normally start at the back of a shop. But it is gorgeous and it was made for me, but I just couldn't justify spending money on that right now with needing to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. I am just going to pray and pray that it is still there after Christmas! This smaller piece (maybe 6-8" tall?) is beautiful also. The picture doesn't do it justice, but the heart is so golden and radiating...at least I could justify this one!

So moving on to the vintage/antique shop... here is a thrifty little vintage Vera Neumann Christmas tablecloth. It just barley fits my table! I'm going to replace the big, very dark red candles I usually have on that table with some lighter red ones that match, along with some greenery or something to make a matching centerpiece. I just wish I could get my hands on the matching napkins.

This is just an up close shot of the poinsetta...

One of my favorite thrifty vintage items...this Christmas Apron! I LOVE IT! I think I'm just going to go ahead and wear it out all the time. I think it would look cute with jeans and a green, red or white t-shirt and my Hanna Andersson red clogs. People may think I'm crazy, but this thing just needs to be seen! I'll have to find some coordinating fabric and made a tote, too! hee-hee!

And this is my favorite...I love all of the little nesting dolls and I have some old nesting Santa's (can't keep that out all year, though) but these are nesting OWLS! How cute are they?!? I can keep them out year round and they are adorable.

They had to throw me out of that store so they could close! Literally! And I only made it through like, 1/8th of the place. Definitely going back, sans children!

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever go to Canton? It's such a riot going. I'm not sure there's ever anything that could be called a "hidden treasure" out there; but just walking around, looking at all the crafts...it's fun. :)