Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Apron Swap Mini Swap Meme!

All of the members of this swap are posting this, so we can get to know each other better. So, you don't have to read it if you don't want to. But, hey-who wouldn't want to???

1. What is your first food memory? Not sure how old I was...2 or 3...but I remember my mom giving me a Chips A'hoy cookie and telling me to make sure I didn't "share" it with the dog. And I went outside and sat on the back porch, took one or two bites out of the cookie, and gave the rest to the dog! lol!

2. What was your favorite dish/food as a child? Enchiladas/Mexican Food

3. Name one of your mini's favorite foods: Hamburgers

4. What was your mini's first solid food? Rice cereal, I think. Did they love it or hate it? She liked it.

5. What was something you were excited to make for your mini for the first time? Pppffffffffftttttt! This is where you learn I don't cook much! Plus, by the time I got to this mini, she was my third, so I wasn't all excited so much. lol!

6. What is your favorite food memory? Hmmmmm...this is a hard one. Oh wait! Can it be a drink??? I'm telling the Kool-Aid story anyway, because it really is my favorite! I was 10 and my brother was 7, and for some reason my mom let us have red Kool-Aid. (I can only imagine what my house would look like if my kids had red Kool-Aid!) My brother was in the kitchen, and had JUST poured himself a glass of red Kool-Aid and was bringing the pitcher back to the refridgerator. I walked in and thought, "Hey, free Kool-Aid! Plus it'll piss Brian off, which makes it even better." Anyway, I picked up the glass and took a big drink...he started yelling about it being HIS Kool-Aid, give it back, and all that. Then he slapped me on the back...I choked and the Kool-Aid came up and out of my nose in a full, heavy stream and, miraculousy poured itself RIGHT BACK INTO THE GLASS!!! If I had tried to plan that it never would have happened. Then I handed the glass back to him and said, "Here ya go.", and walked out.

7. Your mini's birthday party : All out theme with perfect kid food ala Martha? or Quiet family home party with scrumptious cupcakes? Something in-between? Quiet at home thing with a store bought cake and paper plates and napkins that she picks out.

8. Name one thing you absolutely love to make and eat when you are feeling like a kid again: Seriously...I don't make anything. Unless it's cookies.

9. Name something you ate as a kid that you now look back on and wonder "what were my childhood taste buds thinking??" I would drink the pickle juice out of the jar.

10. Name 3 things your mini loves (doesn't have to be food related): Her Daddy!!! The color orange; she's very crafty and loves making things out of anything! She rarely plays with any sort of 'organized' toy or game...but give her some popsicle sticks, glue, tape, crayons, paper and scissors, and she'll be busy for the rest of the day!


Kelly said...

I'm not in the swap but I just had to comment:

I drank the pickle juice out of the jar too! I even convinced the sno-cone man to make me a sno-cone out of pickle juice when I was a kid! Blech!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

OK Kelly-you win! I never even thought of trying to get the sno-cone man to make me a pickle juice sno-cone! LOL!