Sunday, April 01, 2007

You Can Learn a Lot from Blogs

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize
they were the big things.

-- Robert Brault

I found this quote today on Stargazer and I immediately knew it was one of those that I need to remember. I tell myself, basically, the same thing every single day, but, having it all put together like that just made it all so nice and neat.

The thing is, I actually start out enjoying the 'little things', but, between one or the other of the kids that little thing usually quickly deteriorates into one of the 'fight things'. And by the time we've actually gotten to that part, I've worked so, so hard to keep it from going there that it just becomes one of 'those things' you want to forget. About once or twice a year (and I am not exaggerating) we will have one of those nirvana moments...we are all together, everyone is in a good mood, there isn't any fighting and we're all having a good time...and that is when I want to just stop time for a little bit and let that mood linger because, really, that is all I've ever wanted. And I'm so afraid that the girls are going to grow up and hate Ethan, or that Ethan is going to grow up and hate everyone. And maybe if I can get the kids to enjoy the little things that are going on when Claire suddenly states, out of nowhere, "Purple is my favorite color.", and Ethan comes back, with smoke and fire coming out of his ears, nose and mouth, "NO IT ISN'T! YOU'RE FAVORITE COLOR IS ORANGE!!!", that it does not matter one bit who's favorite color is
what, or whether the sky is blue or light blue, they will finally learn that those little things are a lot more fun than the fighting.

And I know this is more of a BlogSmith post, but I wanted it over here, too, because: 1) I'm pretty sure everyone needs to read that quote and, 2) If anyone is ever going to understand me and/or my whole arts and crafts procedure, schedule,why I get so easily overwhelmed or whatever, this is what I'm dealing with every single day.


Wende said...

Contemplation in the chaos. It's the true lesson of parenthood.

And Margaret (Stargazer) is one of my most favorite people on this ol' internet! :D

Margaret said...

I am honored that you would use the quote, and that it has helped you. When my kids are being ridiculous, I get ridiculous right back--I say something outrageous like, well, my favorite color is pink elephant. Then I laugh insanely. I do it sometimes in class too. It is called disrupting the disruptor. I love quotes, so you will see many on my site.

Monique Duke said...

totally off topic reply: Our oldests are almost peas in a pod...tall lanky redheads! I seriously wonder if my #4 will come out with red weird that will be for me :) -thanks

Monica said...

That is a great quote. Have to keep it in a visible place. One of my goal as a mother is to have my kids to become best friends forever, and every day is challenging as that goal is very hard to pursue. But faith and hope keep us going.
I've known you for so little, but I thinks your kids have great spirits and you are a great mom.

Lauri said...

1. Wende-I linked to her blog from yours! She is great!

2. Margaret-I try that same trick sometimes, but it's always a gamble with Ethan...he will either think it's funny, or it will start a whole new meltdown. It's walking on eggshells with him. And I love quotes also. I probably should post more...

3. Monique-they are, aren't they? I was hoping you wouldn't think I was some kind of freaky person! lol!

4. Monica- Thank you! I try so hard for that same goal...and I don't know how you do it with 4 so young, but you are doing a fabulous job!