Friday, November 02, 2007

You gotta check this out!

Head on over to SewMamaSew for a whole month's worth of Holiday Crafting! Every day in Novemeber there will be a different idea/challenge/tutorial for you to make. Today's theme was Aprons. Of course, I'm not finished, but I love aprons so maybe I can finish it up over the weekend along with the other two projects...hey! It could happen! lol! And just think...if you did this every day, or even most days, you may actually be able to get most of your Christmas/Holiday gifts done! I'm sure gonna try!

But wait-before you check out SewMamaSew, go over to BlogSmith and see what's been going on around'll never guess, but here's a hint...I had to make a comfy, cozy blanket!

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