Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lauri-Red Hair and Shuckin' Corn

Lauri-Red Hair and Shuckin' Corn
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There is this GREAT new group on Flickr called The Vintage Story. It is nothing but pictures taken before 1979 ( I think) that are posted along with words to start a story, then other members comment on the photo to keep the story going.

I posted this one of me when I was 2 1/2 or 3 years old...I look like I'm having fun there but...I shucked corn every summer until I was probably 14 years old, and it wasn't so fun pulling the ear open and finding a big, fat, juicy worm! So gross! My grandparents lived on a farm, so we were either shucking corn or peas by the bushelful! On the bright side, they also grew strawberries...but few of them actually made it inside to the kitchen because my brother, cousins and I would just go pick and eat them right out there where they were growing. Same thing with their plums. Their plum trees were more like bushes, and we would hide behind them and just eat and eat!

So sad that when you are that age you really don't appreciate the freshness of the just really like strawberries and plums! What I wouldn't give for my kids to have that experience....

Oh! And the laundry! My grandma did have a dryer but it was rarely used. EVERYTHING went outside to dry out on the clothesline, which was about 5 rows wide. So much fun to run through but, I didn't like how stiff my clothes and sheets were. Guess grandma hadn't discovered liquid laundry softener! lol!

Lots of memories of those summer days!

I also added 2 other pictures of my mom and dad from the mid 1960's, so click on over there for that little surprise!

BTW: So many things going on lately...mostly, I have been having some health issues and eventually got to have a biopsy. Everything was benign, thank goodness, but...the not knowing takes a lot out of you. And OY! The end of the year school stuff-tomorrow Ethan has to dress up like a Roman Gladiator! I have to get pics of that! They've had a bunch of other things going on as well, and there is still more to come. But...the BIG NEWS is that tonight I'm going to the Spurs game! I love the Spurs. It's just that simple. The regular season games are great, but, to actually get to go to a playoff?!? I can't believe it! Yikes-I'd better keep a better eye on the clock because we are leaving in about 30 minutes, and I gotta get ready...get my Tim Duncan jersey out of the dryer and get dressed!



Michelle said...

You cute thing! Why IS the end of the year school stuff so darned busy! I wish they would spread it out through the year a little more.

Good to hear everything was benign.

TexasMomof3 said...

What a neat photo! I totally took things like shuckin' corn, taking a break from running around outside to pick a cherry tomato off the vine, SO for granted as a child. I would love for my children to have some of those same memories... Being a Mavs fan, it's VERY hard to pull for the Spurs, but, I suppose it would be nice for a Texas team to win ;)

Lori said...

Sorry the Spurs got beat...maybe tonight.

GO PISTONS! bwahahhaha

GreenishLady said...

I've been setting up my bloglines so I won't miss posts from blogs like yours, and am so glad to read your biopsy turned up Ok. I love that photo and what you share about your childhood memories. My grandmother always had an excess of plums, gooseberries and blackcurrants. The scratches from those berry-bushes!