Thursday, June 05, 2008

Changing things a little bit...

After thinking about this for a looooooooooong time, I think I'm just going to merge BlogSmith over here to ArtSmith. When I first started ArtSmith I had already been blogging on BlogSmith for a long time, and I wanted to have a seperate place for the art/craft stuff that I do. However, I then would have to decide to leave some things off of ArtSmith so there would be something on BlogSmith, and leave some things off of BlogSmith (that I did want everyone to see)to have stuff on ArtSmith...blah, blah, blah.... And I just want everybody to see everything! Like the good High-Egoed-Port Arthur, TX Brand of Smith I am. lol!

So now this will be more of a daily life type blog, along with the arts and crafts and the occasional "Soap Box" post that may or may not reflect the opinions of, the public in general, or even you. My opinion just has a way of making itself known on certain topics. lol! Like this one, for instance:

I just don't think my brother is right raising Groban, the only nephew I have to smoke.

And if your opinion differs from mine, that is fine with me, and even feel free to leave a comment. You may know something about it that I don't and could even teach me a thing or two. My motto is: Learn something new every day. I truly try to live that way, even if my only option that day is to just go to the dictionary, open up to a random page, and learn a new word or two. I love discussions but...BE POLITE and respect others opinions also. *Not that I want this to turn into a total discussion board!*

The upside to all of this is that it may be more entertaining, just because of the things my kids say and do. I think they are pretty funny and they crack me up every day. I like to post some of the funnier things they say. (Is 'funnier' even a real word???)

Just so you all know: Today was the very first day of "summer". Yesterday was the last day of school. We are all home together now. Theme for the summer: Survival of the fittist, and I'm not afraid to throw elbows! lol!

I'm just warning you because I really, truly, love my kids more than anything else, but...I have a very sarcastic sense of humor so please don't be offended!

I guess BlogSmith will still be hanging out over there, though. So, if you are looking for some reading material that might make you laugh, head over there and look for posts titled "Conversations with Claire" or "Conversations with Ethan". I know there are a lot of Claire's, because she was at home with me when I started blogging, and she says a lot of funny things.

ANYWAY...I hope the new format works for everyone, and I SWEAR, ONE OF THESE DAYS, I am going to learn how to customize my header with my own 'thing'!!! I'm tired of the standard look! But, tonight I think I'm going to take it easy. Sit back, surf the crafty net, and look for inspiration for new projects. Because why would I want to finish up the dozen projects I'm in the middle of right now???


Michelle said...

Why would you want to finish up those started things? Go find something new to work on! I'll join you.

Lori said...

Hey, is that a new tattoo on your ankle? And you would be proud of how many times I've had Starbucks since the first time I had one there in Texas when I was with you and Gayla. We have two in one parking lot! lol One inside my grocery store and a drive through.

And I have a pair of those sandals now too...did you know that? Am I scaring you? Like I'm cloning you or something? Does it help to know that my toenails are a sparkly flesh color instead of blue? lol

I'll take BlogSmith off of my favorites since you will just be here...

I really miss you..I seriously need to talk on the phone. Questions...

Laurie said...

There you I'm glad I decided to email you.
Want to customize your header? I had to get Lori to make mine. **shhh** I don't want her to think I'm pimping out her services

Miss Lori I know this is Lauri's blog, but whoo hoo girl. You sound down right sexy. Oh and thanks to you. It's been sleevless shirts every warm day :)

happy zombie said...

Gongrats on your merge! Now I have to figure out how I have you on my blogroll and bloglines. Why must you make me work so hard! Seriously... glad you made the merge... one-stop shopping at the Lauri-mart. And I even bring my own bag.

And hey... at least Groban isn't smoking clove cigs!

Lauri said...

Wow! It's feelin' like a party over here!

Lori-that is not a new tatoo! I had that when you were here...You didn't notice??? Sheesh. And as long as you stay in Michigan, I think I'll be ok...pppppppppffffffffffffttttttttt!!

Hey Laurie-Thanks for the info!

Hey Lori, again!- Can you customize my header for me??? lol!

Oh Monica-You're gonna need more than one bag if you show up at my house, girl! I've actually had friends come 'shop' here for fabric! ha-ha!!!!

You come too, Michelle!