Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh my gosh-I cannot believe my last post was December 1! I was thinking it was like, last Sunday. Things have been crazy wild here, getting ready for the holidays (ie: christmas shopping...no decorating yet), choir concert (Allison), Winter Festival where Ethan's choir performed, choir concert again (Allison), another choir concert tonight (Ethan), and Claire is 'the littlest mouse' in a production of 'The Pied Piper', in conjunction with the UTSA Theater Department and the San Antonio Symphony tomorrow. She actually has 3 speaking/performing parts of her own! Drama is her forte!

Not to mention Steven's Christmas Party I have to get ready for on Friday night. I have to get dressed up. They don't allow jeans, flip-flops and t-shirts. And I really do not understand that whole "dress up" thing...really. I have nothing else in my closet, and I'm probably just going to get wine spilled on it anyway, plus, I will never ever where a dressy outfit again because, really, do I need that to volunteer at the kids' school??? Didn't think so. Not to mention that it doesn't go with my Jeep.

BUT...I have a plan...a secret wardrobe plan that I will reveal later this week and you will be amazed. AMAZED, I tell you! Not too dressy, I will wear it again, and I'm making the skirt myself that will be OOAK!

Actually, I am off to volunteer in Ethan's class right now. Last week we started making Christmas ornaments out of felt, that the kids had to hand sew. I was actually a little worried about the boys, but everyone loved it and so did I. I'm going back to work on them again today, and if they don't get finished today, I'll go back tomorrow. It's the first time 99% of them have ever sewn something so they are a little slow, but that's ok...I don't want them to poke themselves and bleed. I even bought tapestry needles that aren't as sharp as embroidery needles. One little girl, who is just a doll, told me there are 2 things she wants to learn: one is how to play the piano and the other is how to sew! I told her I can help her with the sewing part, but she will definitely need to find someone else for piano! lol! I think today I will bring some business cards....

And so not to leave you photo less, here is a picture of the kids I took in October at the pumpkin patch. This is one of my favorite photos ever.

And this shot was taken on the way back to the car...I just love black and white.

Also-HUGE FOR ME-I was nominated by Susie Monday for the 'Kreative Blogger' Award!

I love Susie and her work so much, and I truly admire her! So this means a lot coming from her. If you are interested in Fiber Art AT ALL, you have to check her out. I need to nominate 3 or 5 or something other bloggers to pass this on, but I TRULY gotta run! I will be back later this evening I hope...depending on the Choir Concert and all, but for now, go check out Susie and her new book!

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tara said...

Did you finish your OOAK outfit?
And the Pied Piper play? "Littlest mouse", greatest part title ever.