Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Well look at that! I 'customized' my banner All. By. My. SELF! It is a free banner from "The Cutest Blog From the Block". They have tons of free banners and backgrounds, plus they do custom work. Check them out if you are ever thinking about changing anything...they have such great directions on how to do everything I was able to do this banner in about 20 minutes and that is because I don't know the FIRST THING about this kind of stuff. People who do can do this in about 20 seconds. They come "Highly Recommended" by me, the Anti-TechnoGeek.


Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Good for you Lauri! Wow, nice to hear from you again! Did you find your way back to planet Earth (after you fell off, that is, hehe) Crafty Girls on Saturday, want to come?


The WoodLand School said...

Looks *great*! Awesome job ... I'm impressed :-)

Mom said...

Good job!!! Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks - only kidding. Also loved Claire's conversation - just gotta LOVE that girl. Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Lauri {waving madly}
Thanks so much for stopping in to Rebel Blossom and leaving me such a sweet comment! You made my night :D
Wow we have so much in common...We kinda even look alike, no?!
Johnny Depp oh my god! he is the only man on the planet I'd leave my husband for {sshhhhhhh!} LOL!
I'm glad you stopped in and hope you come by often...also hope you don't mind if I hang out on your blog tonight and "catch up" and I'm gonna follow you if that's ok?
Have a grrrrrreat evening!

Laurie Anne x