Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Knitting Friends:

I cannot explain what happened. I thought I was ready to move on to the purl stitch. My friend, Stephanie, thought so, too, and she gave me a pattern for a dishcloth where I was supposed to alternate 3 knit stitches and 3 purl stitches, which would result in a lumpy, bumpy texture. But something went horribly wrong...what I ended up with was twisted and curly, nothing at all like a dishcloth. I understand if you need to break up with me.



Mnemosyne said...

i love you!! delete as needed, start all over, have fun!

why do i always feel like knitting should be spelled with a silent g.....gknitting would be way cooler....imho.

Lauri said...

Thank you, Mnemmy...I love you, too...and your idea about "knitting with a g"!

futuregirl said...

I bet you did something amazing that it would take experienced knitters to forever to figure out. :) Maybe a youtube video would help.

Lauri said...

FutureGirl: That would imply that I actually knew what I was doing and that I could reproduce it! LOL! (BTW-I love your blog, and I'm totally honored that you stopped by here!)