Monday, October 02, 2006

Old, Vintage Dishtowels

*I have other things I REALLY want to show you soooo badly, but, Blogger is being a butt, and won't let me post anymore pictures right now. Grrr! So, check back later to see the real score!*

I have been wanting and looking for some of those old dishtowel calendars. I remember my mom always having them when I was a kid, and thinking how "stupid" I thought it was to put a calendar on a dishtowel...who wants their calendar on a dirty, freakin' dishtowel?! Disgusting! (I'm a firm believer in clean, fresh, paper towels! lol!) Looking back now, though, I wish that I hadn't been so "stupid" and had saved them!

So today was the day I decided to try to find some old, vintage stuff. There is this little place about 2 miles from my house that is one of those antique/craft stores that has all the little booths for the individual vendors. I've been there before, and they always have something I want but, some of the sellers just price their things too high, and I want to feel like I've been "thrifting". And some of the vendors make you feel just like that, so I stop in every once in a while and always find something cool for cheap.

Anyway, this little place today had several dishtowel calendars! I bought 3 of them, and left some for someone else. Since I haven't been able to find any before, I don't know what a "thrifted" price for these is like, but I was willing to pay what they were asking. These were bought from 2 seperate vendors-one was asking $5.50 and the other $6.00. Let me know if this was a good deal or not.

This first one is circa 1971-in my lifetime so it's not REALLY that old-but, it is from Australia! I've had plans for these for a while, for whenever I did find some but, I don't know if I can cut into this one from Australia! It may have to remain whole, so now I need some ideas for what to do with it...pillows, blanket??? If you have ideas, let me know.

This is a detail shot...

This dishtowel I got just because I's only from 1978-days I clearly remember-so it doesn't seem that old to me and I probably won't have any trouble cutting that one up. lol!

This dishtowel calendar is from 1958! Now that's old! lol! I just couldn't believe how many of these this little place had...I actually had to leave a few behind.

I also got a bundle of fat quarters of the Cherries Jubilee series from Moda, which I love-it just looks so clean and crisp! Also got a few half-yard cuts...I first found the cutest little dark green leaves with teeny red ladybugs on it, perfect for Claire's room! Then got the other half-yard cuts to coordinate with that. That was the last of the ladybug fabric, too, or I would have bought more for sure!

Of course, the whole time Claire and I were walking around she's asking, "Does Daddy know you are shopping?". Somehow I don't think she would have been asking me that if I had been shopping for shoes, for her! lol!


textile_fetish said...

Those are really pretty! I have a friend who is selling at a "flea market" in Burnet but it sounds like, since she is renting a booth and selling her handmade items + thrift scores, more like an antique/consignment shop? Where did you find these?

lindiepindie said...

That's pretty neat. I'm surprised no one has started making reproductions.

Your little girls is funny. Where did she get the idea that you should shop in secret?

LoriLaurieLauri said...

I found these in a place called 'Homestead Handcrafts', just literally right around the corner from me. And I guess "antique/consignment shop" is exactly what it is and it sounds exactly like where your friend is selling.

And Claire has gotten to be a little too much of a Daddy's girl! lol! I guess she is always hearing him ask, "Did we really need that?", so...I guess that's her way of reminding me not to spend too much money! lol! Steven says that he has figured out that I cost him about $2 a minute when I go out shopping! rofl!