Monday, October 09, 2006

Some Things...Catching Up

Jennifer, over at Textile Fetish asked me a question today that reminded me that I had these books. I got them a while back, but kept forgetting to take a picture and post about it. So here they are. I love all of these books, and could sit and look at the pictures for hours!

I've also been working on a Doll Experiment. Obviously I need to spend more time on this...My plan was to have the doll wearing a skirt, but, I'm obviously not very forward thinking. Duh, Lauri...the skirt is gonna wind up in the side seams! Put the doll together first, THEN add the skirt! Oh-and note to self...longer legs!

Here's a close up of the waistband, though. Mom gave me the ribbon idea, so this picture is for her! *waving* Hi, Mom!

And here's a pillow...

And this rice cold's really not about the fact that it's good for using on boo-boo''s all about the patchwork and the soft chenille on the back! I have always loved old, patchy, scrappy quilts, and now I'm loving making other things that are patchworked. I really enjoy matching, or not matching, the colors and just trying to work everything out. A very pretty puzzle. Anyway, this is just a muslin, rice filled bag that I keep in the freezer so it's always ready, covered in the patchwork on front and a very soft green chenille on the back. I'm in love with both sides, plus the fact that I made the cover so it just slips on and off, and I can wash it if it gets dirty. See...sometimes I am forward thinking! lol!


lindiepindie said...

The cold pack is such a good idea! And soft chenille on the outside - I like it! I'm getting very into patchwork these days as well - I want to put it on everything! Maybe a purse soon.

beki said...

I love the cold rice pack idea. I knew you could heat rice in the mocrowave, but never knew about freezing it. I'll definitely have to make one. Love your patchwork, by the way.