Tuesday, March 20, 2007

And I don't even like cake!

And I don't even like cake!
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Nope...not much of a cake eater at all! But my friend, Gayla, told me how to make this on Friday, and by Saturday I couldn't stand it any longer! I just had to have some! This is THE yummiest, moistest cake you will ever have!

I don't even know if this cake has a name, but, I'll just call it:

Super Yummy Chocolate Cake

1 stick of butter, melted, in a 13 X 9 cake pan
1 cup of brown sugar, stirred into the melted butter
2 packages of chopped up walnuts, sprinkled over all of that
1 box of cake mix (I personally chose Devil's Food) made up
according to instructions.

Pour mixed up caked mix over the melted butter, sugar and walnuts. (Be sure and leave enough in the bowl to scrape and eat!) Then bake according to cake directions.

As soon as the cake comes out of the oven, invert onto large platter, cookie pan, or whatever you have.

Oh! And eat it warm! You will think you have died and gone to heaven!


Sundries Sublime said...

Ok, I know this will pale in comparrison to your super scrumptious cake recipe, but I've been trying to cut back on some of my excess calories lately and heard about taking a cake mix (any kind) and just adding a can of diet pop, nothing else. then you mix it up and bake according to the box directions. It's super easy and much less fat/calories and *almost* as good as the fully loaded versions! Plus you can get really creative and do orange or cherry pop with yellow cake, cherry pop with devils food, ginger ale with spice cake, etc.!!! Sorry for the book-length post!!! LOL!

Lauri said...

Novel length comments are fine! (I tend to leave them myself!)

I have never heard of that kind of cake...does it have to be diet? Can it be regular? Or would that screw it up? Or did someone just make it with diet to feel better about eating cake? lol!

I may have to try it just because I cannot imagine it!

Elizabeth K said...

damn you...that sounds so good right now.

if I can bake cookies in my car you can make a cake with diet soda. I dare ya!

andie said...

I LOVE CAKE.....I am pretending not to see this.....

Sundries Sublime said...

I'm sure regular pop is fine too... I think the only reason for the diet pop was to cut out calories. :-D

Monica said...

I have to try this! Although my latest kitchen experiences have been a disaster, but the thought of moist chocolate cake is yummy enough to try.