Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Originally uploaded by artsmith_satx.

The Bluebonnets are out in force! I saw one or two on the way to Houston last Wednesday. But by Sunday they were really starting to pop up everywhere, so I had to stop and take some pictures. This is one-taken along I-10 between Houston and San Antonio on the way home Sunday.


a said...

oh i dont think we get bluebonnets in the bubble.....i need to come see you!

Lauri said...

Actually, I meant to tell you it's time to take a drive if you want some pictures! And if that drive sends you this way, oh well, what can ya do???

Kelly said...

We are starting to have some bluebonnets bloom here by the highways. I've been too scared to stop and take pictures because I'm afraid I'll get run over. Your picture is great.