Thursday, April 19, 2007

This just 'munkeepod' Blog!

Whoo-hoo! My friend, Gayla, got the blog going for me! So, to you, my faithful guinea pigs (LOL!) would y'all mind going over there and checking things out and making sure it works? At least the blogging and leaving comments? There are all kinds of other things I'm going to have to figure RSS Feeds and Atoms and whatever other techie stuff is going on there. I still need sidebars for links, and buttons and all that. I'd love to have a spot for music and books like so many of you may be a while to get that figured out.

Anyway, try this link...

Or, if that doesn't work, just go to and at the very top right of the page, click on munkee blog.

If there are any problems please let me know! You can leave comments here, or munkeepod at yahoo dot com, or, if you really want to be experimental, try sending an email to Lauri at munkeepod dot com. And if you have any tips on RSS feeds or Atoms or anything else, clue me in!


Monica said...

Just checking! I left a comment on your new blog 2 days ago and I wonder if it went through. ;)

Lauri said...

Oh yeah...guess I should check over there now, huh? LOL!