Monday, June 25, 2007


I finally found the battery chargers for BOTH cameras! (And by "me", I mean "Steven".) I only ever put them in ONE place. There is only ONE place that I ever put them down, so they will always be there. But then, that damn Robert Goulet must come in and screw with my stuff, because they always get lost!

I believe in Robert Goulet! Hmmm...or at least the children who live in my house.

So now they are charging up, and soon we'll have pictures of all the things I've been working on!

Mostly, I want to say that I hate not being able to get into BlogLand very often these days! The kids have been hogging the computer. But, I guess it does have it's definitely makes me more productive! lol!


andie said...

how do you ever loose your battery chargers....wait...I under were mine is...I hope i didn't leave it in Dallas

Marisa said...

My batteries are always all over the house and always dead as well. I think all ditigal cameras need to convery over to AA size so I don't have to keep an eye on them anymore!