Sunday, January 20, 2008

Something Quick

Ladybug Pincushion
Originally uploaded by artsmith_satx.

Just so you all know I'm still here and I actually am "working", so to speak. I was trying to get all of my pictures off of the camera and at least into Flickr, if not all into a blog post, but, my back does not want to seem to cooperate...I had a little accident Tuesday (Thank GOD I'm worse off than the Jeep!) but I got so spun and swooshed around my muscles have been sore ever since.

I know I haven't posted about it but, a couple of days before Christmas I took a nice trip all the way down the sidewalk of a Walgreens, and then off the curb right into the parking lot. I think that fall was powered by the Energizer went on and on and on. And the nice UPS man that was there and saw me doing my fall dance came running with his arms outstretched but, couldn't reach me in time. The thing is, it isn't just funny looking back on it, it was actually very funny at the time! ANYWAY...when I fell off the curb, along with the cuts, scrapes and bruises that I got, my hip must have landed right on the curve of the curb-I had a very nice long purple bruise and it hurt to walk or stand up for too long. Well, that was just going away when I decided to play "Spin the Jeep" and that exact spot on my right hip kept hitting up against the seat belt buckle and the console. So that is looking pretty again and that is also why my lower back is hurting. It wasn't so bad earlier this week because I was hanging around the house. But then Friday came and I was running all day long and my Friday night it was aching and yesterday (Saturday) I was really paying the price!

So...all of that to say I'm not going to be able to sit here much longer and didn't get very many pictures off of the camera. But the Ladybug Pincushion pictured above is one of my little projects. It will be going to Tasmania (!) in a swap package.

This little Bluebonnet Pincushion is going into another swap package...

I'll leave you with a couple of gratuitous pictures of Lucy, just because I can, and she is so cute in this little pink, hooded sweater with the pom-poms on it...

But she doesn't like it so much, so she is always shaking it off before I can get a good picture of her with it on all the way...


GreenishLady said...

I hope you will recover quickly. Look after yourself.

Wendy said... lady bugs!!