Monday, January 21, 2008

So I get this email...

From Kristin over at SewMamaSew asking if she could have my permission to use a photo of a Nine-Patch quilt I made when Allison was a baby! (**February is going to be 'Quilting Month', so check it out!***)was the first one I had ever made. I had recently joined our church's quilting group and the project was that each one of us would make however many blocks that were all the same, and then swap with everyone else in the group. I knew nothing about quilting then...hadn't taken any classes at all. So you can imagine the HORROR of 'the quilting ladies' when I showed up with red and white gingham 9-patch squares, in which the gingham was not 100% cotton! I thought for sure I was going to get a good beating with all of their rotary cutters and rulers. lol! Honestly, I think lots of the ladies left my block out of their quilt. Sheesh! Have a little empathy for the newbies...I'm sure you were there, once.

Anyway, it must have turned out OK despite a little polyesther, because Kristin likes it!

Here is one of the several pictures I have for it.

It is machine pieced but totally and completely hand quilted, because I didn't know you could quilt on a machine. In the blank muslin squares, I sewed a star...because I didn't know what else to do and it had to have something there...and all around the inside border, which is the same muslin, are smaller stars. Very simple, but not bad for my first quilt ever. The thing I remember most about making that quilt, was how hot I would get while handquilting it. I think I vowed to never handquilt again unless it was Winter, but that doesn't leave much time when we only have about 3 days of Winter down here! lol!


happy zombie said...

How cool Lauri! And I do so luv your quilt. Polyester and all!

Lori said...

That picture is too damn small to see. Especially with eyes as old as mine. BIGGER THUMBNAIL PLEASE! lol

M said...

I think the quilt is beautiful and am currently in the midst of my first.

Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog...very much appreciated.

Hope to see you soon.

chq said...

That says so much about the wonderfulness of your quilt...good for you! Quilt police - who needs 'um.

Take care,


Lauri said...

Hey Lori! You're gettin' old. Get some glasses.

*I'm already gone....*