Friday, February 13, 2009

Check it out!

I won! Jessie over at Pterodactyl Pants held one of her Haiku Contests earlier this week. She posts a picture of a Plushie she has made then asks for haikus that relate to that particular Plush. If you win the contest, you win that Plushie. Each Plushie Jessie makes comes with a haiku that she has made up herself. Guess I was feeling creative and decided to enter and I actually won! I can't believe it!

I won a major award!

It's name is The Pugilist, and it so reminded me of Ethan, so I'm planning on giving it to him. Y'all need to head over there and check her out. Thank you, Jessie!

Another exciting thing I got to do was meet Kristin from Reclaiming the Home. She recently moved to San Antonio with her wonderful family, so we decided to get together. Last Friday we each went to Yarnivore, the coolest yarn store ever, for their bi-monthly get togethers they host for knitters and crocheters. Now, if you have ever read this blog, you all know about my severe knitting and crocheting disabilities, but Kristin swore she could teach me. So I bought two different sizes of bamboo knitting needles and two different kinds of really cool yarn. Well, the poor girl tried and tried and really hung in there but the knitting just wasn't going to happen. She finally talked me into trying crochet again...well, it took Kristin and a few other ladies that were I did. Plus, it gave me an opportunity to buy a cool crochet hook and some more really NICE yarn! And you know what? It really worked! You know, mostly. I cannot believe I didn't take a picture of that but, I actually crocheted a few rows. It's very loose, but I DID IT! I'll get a picture of it one of these days.

We had so much fun at Yarnivore that we didn't want to go home after so we decided to go to Starbucks for some Chai. I already knew that we had a lot in common, but she likes Chai, too! Then a miracle happened...when she ordered her Chai, she ordered it with EXTRA FOAM! Now people, in all of the years I have been going to Starbucks and ordering a tall or grande Chai with EXTRA FOAM, I have never ever met anyone else who orders extra foam...on anything, much less Chai. Literally, you could have knocked me over with a was like The Twilight Zone. We sat and talked until they literally had to kick us out the door. Then, walking out to our cars, ahem, I mean my Jeep and her car, we witnessed a severe case of Road Rage. There was a van at a stoplight that would not go when the light turned green, and the man in the truck behind it was EXTREMELY ANGRY about that. He was yelling and screaming and cussing and even got out of his truck and up to the van to yell in the driver's face. Obviously the van was having a problem and was not able to drive or it would have gone. (This was the 2nd time the light had turned green.) Then the light cycled around again to red and green, the van still didn't move, and the Idiot Truck Guy starts his show all over again, then decided to start RAMMING the van from behind! What a freak! They are at an intersection where there are two lanes that go straight and a seperate left turn lane...why not just drive around the guy??? So, while he is ramming the van down the street, Kristin and I jumped into our vehicles and took off. I was seriously afraid of what would happen next.

So that was fun.

Then yesterday I took Kristin to San Marcos to The Paper Bear...The. Coolest. Shop. In. The. Whole. Wide. WORLD!!! Yes, I defiled her, and Steven said he is going to have to send an apology to her husband, but it was so worth it! And guess what they have there? Well, I'm not going to tell you...I just decided that if I announce it here, because I have such an audience/following and all, that you will all rush to the store before I can get there tomorrow and buy my thing. So...yes, I am going back tomorrow in the Expedition, to get my thing, and you'll just have to come back for the surprise.

Now check out what has happened in our house:

Steven finally finished his project...covering as many walls as possible with limestone. OK-not really a lot of walls, just two. He decided a while back to do around the fireplace and up that wall. He also built a hearth, just for me, because I've always wanted one! It is a big hearth, too! Very deep...I can sit on it with my legs crossed and I'm still not at the edge. And yes, it is all real limestone, not a facade. He had a bunch left over so we decided it would look nice underneath the "bar" in the kitchen/eating area, so he did all of that, too. OH! And before he started the limestone, he took out all of the carpet and put in the wood floor. I feel like I'm in a ski resort when I'm in that room! Something very foreign to me, but very cool anyway. And as always, due to his exhaustingly exacting engineering, in the event of nuclear war, that limestone wall will be the only thing left standing.

I guess that's about it for this post...the Valentine's will have to wait.

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Kristin said...

YAYYYY!!!!! It was so amazing meeting you too Lauri! Kev actually wants to go see the Paper Bear. :D It is SUCH an awesome store!!!

I had such a blast getting to know you. :) Cant wait to get together again! *HUGS*!!!!!