Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Sign of the Time

You know it's Valentine's Day when you find signs like this posted around your house! She didn't specify who to hug, or when and where the 'Hug Fest' is being held but, I happen to know they were posted by Claire...and maybe we are just supposed to hug her anytime and anywhere. Sounds like a great idea in general. She may just be the answer to World Peace.

I also wanted to show off this new little birdie...I took another class with the Lovely Leslie last week. It was the "Felt Fun" class and she had TONS of ideas of things to make from birds to baby booties to bags and pouches and to jewelry. I made her...

She likes to hop and bop around, especially on this old gumball machine! What she doesn't know is that is full of sea glass, not gumballs. Or birdfood.

She was so much fun, that she inspired me to make this one for Claire's teacher for Valentine's Day...

She turned out kinda funky. I started out with the red and white theme, then decided that she needed something to hang from, so I started adding beads. And now, because of a long story that I will skip for now, anything I make for Claire's teacher HAS TO have vintage buttons on it, so I added those to the wings and hanging from the bottom. I added the little heart charm and bead for the finishing touch. I hope she likes it, if for nothing else than for the vintage buttons.

Now we are off to pick up the Valentine's Day present I picked out for myself. Hope your Valentine's Day is full of Love!


Anonymous said...


If you ever want to replace the sea glass in your gumball machine with tasty gumballs, I recommend that you checkout the amazing selection at


Kristin said...

Happy Valentines Day!! If you're free, I'd love to get together on Tuesday!! :D HUGS!!


Anonymous said...

Love the birds and the sign! Kids are cool!