Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Big Reveal...and more!

Here's the Big Reveal of my Super Find at the Paper Bear shop in San Marcos:

This may not be a big deal to others, but, I have been looking for a cool dressform for a really long time! And I have found some...but then I can't justify spending hundreds of dollars on them when I have 3 kids, several Psychologists, Therapists, a Psychiatrist, and soon to be an Orthodontist to support.

***All of you thinking about having kids: be aware that they come with many accessories!

Anyway, I fell in love with her at first sight and she was only $95 dollars. Since I didn't get anything for Valentine's Day from Steven, this was my gift to myself. Now I just have to name her. I have a few ideas, but nothing seems to stick. Any ideas, anyone? Hey! I have an idea! I'll have a "Name My Dressform" Contest, and send out a little something for the winner! I've never had a contest before and now I'm all excited! OK-give me a day or two to come up with a prize, then I'll open it up. Start spreading the word, tell all of your friends, then tell them to tell two!

Hey MOM! You CAN COMMENT you know! All you have to do is click on the "Anonymous" button, then after you type in your comment, just sign it "Mom" so I know who it's from. Everybody else's Mom's comment on their blogs, ya know. I feel really left out and unloved. :D

Check this out: I am actually making a dress, for Claire, all on my own! I have never actually made clothing from start to finish by myself. I always saved the hard button holes, bias tape, zippers, etc... for my mom who was constantly begging, "Please, Lauri! Start something you can't finish then hand it all over to me! It's my favorite thing!"

See, if you don't comment, you can't defend yourself....

So I started this last night:

It's a short dress/long shirt that she can wear with leggings or jeans, and a t-shirt underneath. You are probably asking, "Lauri, did you actually use a pattern???". Well, I started out with one. I have wanted to make something like this for her for a while now, and finally found a pattern that was close enough to what I wanted, and easy for me to customize. Well, the pattern instructions may as well have been written in Japanese for all I could understand. Wait. Actually, I have tons of Japanese Craft books and I can follow those easier than I can this pattern. It made no sense. Plus, the little cutout arrows that you are supposed to be able to line up? There must have been a big misprint on either the front or the back pattern pieces, as they were several inches apart, and it I followed those, there would have been serious problems with the neck and armholes!

This pattern also called for bias tape around the neck and armholes. I have never done that. And the directions and illustrations were apparently written and drawn by aliens, and made no sense at all. So...I finally just scrapped the pattern, lined up the shoulders and armholes, and sewed the front and back together. Then I did my own thing with the bias tape. Whatever it was that I came up with worked great! I got the neckline and one armhole done, and then it was about 1:00 am and I couldn't even see anymore. Plus it was looking really huge and I wanted Claire to try it on before I got too much more into it, incase I needed to make adjustments.
Getting her to stand still was like pulling teeth!

I made it off of a size 8 because I would like it to last a little bit...she is going through a major growth spurt and is now 50" tall! She's almost up to my shoulders and she's only in First Grade!

Anyway, I do like the length, the armholes fit well, but it seems a little bit big along the neckline. Oh well, if that's the lease of my worries I'm doing good. If you notice in the first picture of it above, on the dress form, there is some pink coordinating fabric that I am going to use to add a ruffle along the bottom, as well as 2 pockets. You gotta have pockets! I remember making my mom add pockets to everything she made me! The thing is, I have this idea for the pocket I want, but, of course there is no pattern, so I'm going to have to work it out on paper. I'll let you know how it goes.

Now I need to get back to my baking...yes, I said "baking". It's for the Staff Appreciation Day at the elementary school tomorrow. Hmmm...baking and sewing all in the same day?!? What is happening to me, people?!?


Anonymous said...

I love the dress and complete with matching sucker! I really do love the dress.

I also hand piece. I should have made that more clear on my blog I suppose. I don't know how (let me hide my face) to use a machine.

And I've never made an article of clothing. It looks awesome to me!!

You're exactly right about kids coming with accessories. I sometimes think about having a second and then she throws my credit cards in the toilet while I'm showering and I change my mind.

Lauri said...

Oh yes! The things they will come up with to throw in a toilet! Basically, anything except what belongs there. ROFL!!!

Kevin said...

The Dress looks great!! I can't wait to see it finished with pockets & ruffles :) It sounds so boutique and CUTE!! :)

The dressform looks even better in your studio than it did in the store. LOVE IT!

Looking forward to seeing you Friday!



Kate said...

Great dress form! That dress is so cute.

MichelleB said...

I love the dress form! It is so cute. The dress is cute, too.

Did you know that you're a no-reply blogger? When you respond to my blog, I can't respond to you because you're no reply. Now come on, fix that. NO WONDER you've never responded to the things I've said to you in response to your comments. Yes, well, a bit of dorkishness on my part.

Mom said...

Hey, somebody stole my daughter and replaced her with someone else. I love the dress form and, what can I say, the picture of Claire is soooo cute, sucker and all. The dress is darling - I'm so proud of you. I do have some patterns with different pockets if you want them - just ask!!! I hope this comment gets posted - I've tried to leave one once before but evidently I'm too computer illerate to do it - so here goes again.
Luv Ya

Lauri said...

YEA, MOM! You did it!!!

Michelle-a 'No Reply Blogger', huh? Whatever you say-lol! I'll try to fix it...didn't mean to be that way. If I can't figure it out, I'll let you know and ask for help. Very technologically disadvantaged here! ha!

***Is that why I can't respond to people through email??? Like, maybe blogger DOES have that option but I just don't know about it???

Lemongrass Studio said...

Lauri, thanks for stopping by my blog, SO appreciate it. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress form and I'm not even a sewer, I just want one to look cool in my studio space. sick, I know. As far as your talent goes, stupendous! I've added you to my list! Hope to read more from you soon!

Lu said...

what a find! that is wonderful.

miriam said...

Loved your dress form
You`re lucky who got a such lovely one.
Have a nice week!

Anonymous said...

Love your dress form! I wanted one for a looong time and even considered making my own - after reading several articles - just need to find a friend to help me. I don't trust DH to cut me out of the plaster mold after he gets me all wrapped up. ;) But now, all I need to do is make a trip to San Marcos! Yea!

Hope you have finished Claire's dress by now - it is darling. What did you decide for pockets? Have some ideas if still looking. Can help you with bias binding and/or preparing an interfacing for neck and armseye if you attempt another dress. Hmmm how do you do a spell ck on blog post? This is my FIRST RESPONSE!

Oh - name the dress form: my mom called hers Mrs. H____ (her last name).

Be sure to post pix of Claire in her new dress.

First Timer - Ms. Dana 06/09/10