Saturday, February 21, 2009

Guess I Needed To Catch Up On My Sleep!

I didn't abandon you...I just fell asleep. I've been sleeping for like, three days. No wait, I think four.

Remember how I talked about baking? Well...that didn't happen, of course. Nothing goes as planned around here, and you should know that by now.

So here's the story...I had planned ahead. Steven had gotten a few boxes of brownie mix, eggs, vegetable oil and a roll of Pillsbury peanut butter cookies, all for me to make for the Staff Appreciation Day on Thursday at the elementary school that Ethan and Claire go to. I ended up falling asleep after I dropped Allison off at school Wednesday morning, and didn't wake up until 2:30. I have to pick the kids up at three, so no baking during the prime hours. I DO NOT make stuff like that when they are home and awake because they want to eat it, so I decided to wait until they went to bed to make everything.

Ethan and Claire are finally asleep, so I'm getting everything ready but, I can't find the vegetable oil. I know for a fact it WAS THERE at some point, but now it is nowhere to be found.

Come to find out, Allison's art class has been doing linoleum printing and she had gotten a little bit of ink on her shirt. Her teacher told her it was permanent and wouldn't come out, but, she remembered the teacher telling them if they spilled it on the table or whatever to use vegetable oil to wipe it up. So...she decided to go ahead and try it on her shirt. The. Whole. Bottle. She put her shirt in her bathroom sink and poured in the Whole. Bottle. of oil, then got an old toothbrush and started scrubbing. Believe it or not, it worked! Then she used some regular soap to wash that out. Her shirt was saved but no brownies were being made.

Oh well, I'll just make the cookies. It's ten o'clock at night anyway; this will be quick and easy; lots of other people are bringing stuff too, so we'll have enough.

*whistling while I'm heading to the fridge...

Open up the refridgerator door, grab the roll of cookie dough, but, oh no! It's only HALF A ROLL! Someone had EATEN HALF. OF. THE. ROLL. OF. COOKIE. DOUGH.

I hate to name names but, I will say that this person's name rhymes with "Ballison."

I had to be at school Thursday morning at 7:45, so there was no baking happening before then. I did get to go and pass out other treats and hot chocolate to a bunch of teachers and all of the office and cafeteria staff, and that was a lot of fun. We are very lucky to have such a great bunch of people working at our school!

Pretty much slept all day Friday, too. Ethan had a doctor's appointment that afternoon, so I was awake for a little while...and was even planning to go to Yarnivore, our cool local yarn shop, to knit and hang out and watch Kristin do a spinning demo (!) that I had been looking forward to for the last two weeks but, guess what I did instead. That's right! I FELL BACK ASLEEP! I needed it though...Spring Break is coming soon, and I gotta get ready!

Also, I did not forget about the 'Name That Dressform' Contest. If I hadn't been asleep for the last four days, I could have made something already but...just more time to get the word out right? I might get like, 6 comments!

I am going to make the prize (I already know what I'm going to make, I just have to stay awake long enough to make it) take a picture and get it going. Somebody give me a wake-up call in the morning!


MichelleB said...

Sounds like you needed some sleep girl!

Okay, I think you should name your dress form Ballison! Just kidding. How about Suzi Q - love those curly q's on the sleeves. Well, as you can see, naming things is not my forte.

To change yourself from being a no-reply blogger, you have to change your profile page and put your email address in. When you look at your profile page, your email address needs to be on it, or you need to be able to get to it, from your profile page.

Hope that helps.

My word verification is bessfell, so maybe Bess should be the name of your dress dummy.

happy zombie said...

~Whew... I thought you were going to say rhymes with "harmonica".

I'm going to follow Michelle's lead... my word veri is "abiala". I kinda like it. Sounds kinda Disney-ishy, like Princess Abi'ala. That dress form is just too adorable!

soon2Bmarried said...

Hi laurie It's me Bonnie..I am on Blogspot too(soon2Bmarried) that's me....

I hope to see you soon.

Mom said...

Oh, Oh, Oh, I got a good name - get the prize ready for me!! Are you ready -----------Sally Jane. Yes, I know it's aready been used, but hey, what the heck, it's worth a try.

Hey,lay off my Alli girl - gotta love her!!! I'm surprized your whole sewer system isn't clogged up. Well, at least the stain came out!!!!