Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and all that!

Oh, blah blah's been too busy around here lately, and Allison is fighting off pneumonia. She has asthma and we go through this EVERY. SINGLE. FEBRUARY. I'm not kidding. Problem is, she suddenly turned into a teenager about a week ago, and she doesn't think she needs to use her nebulizer like she is supposed to...because, you know...she is a teenager now and knows everything while I, of course, know nothing and/or am overreacting. I guess I really need to get over myself when she is running a 104 degree fever and can't breathe.

Our Valentine Weekend was one of the best ever! We went out yesterday (Saturday) and stopped at Michael's to pick up some art supplies (I'll explain that later), then went to 'Cupcake Coutour'. I had the best red velvet cupcake with cream cheese icing EVAH! I love that cupcake place.

So...back to the much needed art supplies...each one of my kids has more creative talent in their little fingers than I do in my whole body, so they love art and are always-literally every single day-making or painting something so, I decided we would have our own little "Valentine's Day Art Challenge". This was so fun, I think I am going to make it a regular thing at least once a month! I am very low on paint so I had to get more of that and I picked up a canvas for each one of us. Today, we all sat down at the table together and I issued the challenge: everyone was to paint, draw, collage, whatever a piece of art that had to include a 'heart' into it. That was the only rule. So we drug out tons of stuff...paint (acrylic and watercolor) crayons, pencils, ribbon, stencils and stamps (none of which were used, by the way, because who needs those when you can draw your own stuff???), masking tape (because Ethan can't do anything without that!), specialty papers (which, again, none of which were used because who needs that when you are talented enough to make your own background and draw your own! BTW, I'm talking about them...not me!), Exacto knives (!yikes! But that was Steven's fault, not mine. Every mother knows you never trust a 12 year old boy with an Exacto knife!). Anyway...a lot of stuff!

It was one of the greatest things I have ever done with them! We all had so much fun and-get this...hope you are sitting down-there was no fighting. Sssshhhhhhhhh! Don't say it out loud! I can't believe I'm telling anyone but, I at least wanted it recorded for historical purposes that my 3 kids sat together at a table for a couple of hours and no one fought. And that's all I have to say about that.

I took a lot of pictures but, it was dark outside and raining and dark and the lighting was just awful no matter what I did. So, I will take more tommorow, I promise, during the light of day because I don't think it is supposed to rain and should be nice outside. That way I will have plenty of natural light and everything will look normal...not RED!

I truly hope everyone else's Valentine's Day was wonderful and enjoyed by all!

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Mom said...

Hurry and send the pictures. Can't wait to see them.