Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Art 101

My creative energy is in full swing again, bigtime! I'm trying all kinds of things...sewing, painting, drawing, collage, photography...basically Mixed Media. When I grow up, I want to be a Mixed Media Artist!

This is my blog to show that work...critiques are very welcome! I am learning a lot right now and always want to learn more.

Welcome to my blog!


Misty Mawn said...

I look forward to seeing some of your work! It is hard being a mom and finding time to use your creative drive ~ Make time! It is so important, even if it means giving up one hour of sleep or having a heap of laundry that needs washed. My art studio is full of playdough, crayons, and glittery glue...anything that keeps the kids happy keeps me happy and able to work! I wish you the best adventure with your artistic journey!

primdollie said...

Well here I am Lauri and can't wait to see some of your work!!! get some pics posted!!!! love the pics of your trip the other day!! really pretty!! I was stationed in San Antonio back in the days of being in the Army!! way BACK when!!! so remember some of the pretty places but hated the heat and humidity!! so guess Ohio actually reminds me of that in our summers!! will bookmark your site and add you to my list on my Typepad so can't wait to see all your art work!!!
Hugs Linda in drab and dark right now Ohio!!