Thursday, January 05, 2006

A couple of ATCs

Here are a couple of ATCs I've done. Funny thing is, I didn't set out to make ATCs when I made these! The 'Free my Mind' one...I was just playing with a rubber stamp and coloring on an old scrap piece of paper. When I got it colored, I just knew it needed to say "free my mind", so I added that and decided it would make a good ATC.

The butterfly "make a wish" one was by total accident! I had stamped the butterfly on this weird kind of translucent paper and colored it in with colored pencils. Then I sprayed it with something that I thought would make it stick down to the paper, but it didn't work...when I pressed on it, it moved and made the colors bleed onto the paper, just making a silohuette of the butterfly that I thought was beautiful! So I knew it had to use it somehow, and came up with the rest of the card. There is a face in the upper left hand corner, but it's kinda kinda have to look for it.

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