Saturday, January 14, 2006


In the Artist's Way group, we've been asked to share what inspires us. I would have to say my first inspiration would be colors. All colors. I love colors and putting them together with different colors and combinations. And even as a little kid I had names for every different wasn't a "light bluish purple" it is "periwinkle". That would always bug people when they would be describing a color and I would say, "Oh, you mean___." lol!

Another is always puts pictures in my mind, and I have to have it on while I'm "working", or my art just doesn't come out quite right. Like it's missing something. If the music is on, everything just flows.

And last, but certainly not least, is Frida Kahlo. I have been a HUGE fan for, what, 15-20 years, and I absolutely love the way she was just so able to put her self out there so freely and easily. Just looking at her work, I can feel the energy and power. What I wouldn't give for that kind of talent.


Leah said...

oh, i love frida kahlo's work too. have you seen the movie frida? i thought it was great.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Kat-at the time the movie was out, we were living in Houston and it was only showing at one theater, Greenway Plaza, about an hour from our house. The ONE TIME I was able to get away without the kids and go see it, about halfway through the movie, it BROKE! Ugh! So...I've only seen half of it! lol!

Sundries Sublime said...

HI, I enjoyed your post on inspiration. Music is huge for me too! It's interesting, lately I've been thinking alot about what kills my inspiration. I think the biggest thing is my self doubt. With my jewelry making I find that I want it so bad but fear when I do it, it will be total crap, so I wont even start it. I'll do any and every craft and art BUT the jewelry. Even though I love jewelry making I will go weeks without doing anything. :(

vicci said...

Lori....I also like music...I have a little cd player in my studio and listen to music all the time in there...lately it's been "celtic"....I like all depending on my mood it always changes! Lori...if you would????send me your address? I'd like to send you a RAK!!!!! Vicci
you can e-mail it to me at

Paint Chip (aka Cindy) said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration piece with us! I know I'm a little late in getting around to viewing it. But I sure enjoyed the time looking through your blog and the comments made.

Color is a great way to be inspired. Since it's everywhere you look, you should always be easily inspired!

Best wishes for you as you continue to work through the AW course. I look forward to seeing more great art from you!