Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Metal Class

Here are pictures of the 2 "big" projects we did. It's hard to photograph metal! Especially when not in natural light, but, here they are. I really like heating up the copper and making it change colors!

I had my Artist's Date early this week. Monday night I took a class for working with metal. It wasn't quite what I thought it would be but, I did learn a lot and had fun. Oooooooohhh, did I have fun! Worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!

Now...not to offend any scrapbookers who may be reading this, BUT, you do think Mixed Media Artists are the Devil...especially when we are treading on your territory! And this class was at a Scrapbooking store. Just wanted you to know the position I was in. lol!

So I show up with REAL tools to work with REAL metal. However, we are working with 36 gauge aluminum and copper. Still cool, but, I had to get new tools. The instructer was laughing at me...I know she was. Also, I wasn't told I needed to bring an adhesive, to glue these things to paper. So, I asked to borrow someone's.

And this is where the real fun starts!

Scrappers ONLY USE acid free stuff. Anything else is evil. And one particular type of adhesive, which happens to be my favorite, is even worse than's Evil Incarnate!!!

So...they are all talking about the different adhesives they use, and the instructor asks what our favorite adhesives are. And you know me...not one to bring attention to myself...AHEM! cough, cough...pipes up, and very confidently states, "Rubber Cement!" EVERYONE in the room GASPED as they all turned their eyes on me, and you could hear a pin drop. (This is the first time I was laughing my ass off!)

The instructor starts in on her little lecture..."Well, um, when scrapping, you really need to be using an acid free BLAH BLAH BLAH!"

I actually interrupted her and said, "Oh! I'm not a scrapbooker! I'm a mixed media artist!"


I don't know how in the world I kept a straight face! More audible gasps and I'm pretty sure people where holding their fingers up in the shape of a cross out toward me! LMAO!!! From that point on, people stayed away but, kept close watch on me out of the corners of their eyes! Well, except one lady, who, after the class was over and everyone else had left, came over to me to talk to me about some stuff and even asked for my email address! She must still be in the closet! rofl!

Worth every single damn penny of the $15 registration fee and $66 of the new tools and stuff I had to buy!!!


GreenishLady said...

Two projects completed at first class! - Brilliant. I just love the little paw-marks around your cat piece. Thanks for the tip-off that there are PC and non-PC types of adhesives in certain company. I'd never have known!

vicci said...

Sounds fun Lauri! Are you going to learn how to use the soldering iron and all that???? I think Winter is maybe I can get some art work done!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Oh yeah-I definitely want to learn how to solder! The class for that isn't until March 18th though. :(

Green-go into a scrapbooking store in your area...walk around a bit, and it's better if you actually have some of their stuff in your hands to buy. Even if it's just paper-it will definitely be worth the $1 or so it will cost you. Cheap entertainment if you ask me! lol!

Anyway-someone will eventually ask you "what kind of layout" you are doing, or something like that. Just say, "Oh, I'm not a scrapbooker. I'm a mixed media artist." And let the fun begin! It's worth it just for the look on their face and the way they slowly back away from you, so as not to startle you if they move too fast! lol! And if you can, throw in something about rubber cement or plain ol' Elmers glue (oooooo-especially that blue glue with glitter in it!!!).

Like I entertainment!

In Otter Space said...

Your post was FUNNY. I am not a scrapbooker either and can imagine the looks at the suggestion of using Rubber Cement! GASP!
Next time tell them you keep it on hand purely for sniffing purposes.
Your finished metal pieces looks beautiful.
I have some in my art drawer (somewhere?). Inspiration to play!
Perhaps I will fiddle with some on Friday!

melba said...

I laughed reading this. I have been wanting to go to a class at my local scrapbooking store, but that is exactly what I was afraid of. I have met women who are scrapbookers and when they ask if I scrap I just kind of wait and say well I do more mixed media art and then there always is this big disappionted, "OH" There is nothing wrong with scrapbooking, it is just not for me. But I do think many women are getting tired of the traditional scrapbooking and looking for new ways to express themselves and use their products and skills. I think there is common ground there, especially through blogging that will bring different artist together.

Charlotte said...

Ho,ho! Scrapbookers are a challenge to *me* too.....!