Monday, February 06, 2006

What a challenge!

Vicci! I swear I better be you 'newbestfriend' for going through all this for you! lol! I have had to restart this "project" at least twice, then, when I was almost finished yesterday...putting on the last finishing touches...I screwed it up! Grrr! Had to take it apart, but it back together again, then...guess what? Screwed it up again! By then I said, "Screw it!" and just moved on to something else.

But...if I can find what I need today, because I've used it all up, I can finish it today.

Remember those tests they would give in high school to tell you what you should be when you grew up? Well, mine came back "Auto Mechanic". And yes, I love to look and watch and figure out how things work, but Damn! I can't put anything together to save my life! LOL!!! Maybe I need to just stick with Lego's and tape, like Ethan! lol!

And Vicci...I just hope you can feel the love...and not all the cussing...eminating from this project! rofl!

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vicci said...

I am cracking up so bad!!! Are you kidding girl!!??? I can feel the love from here! And I'm cussing up a storm here myself! I'm trying to post a picture of the martini glass(for you)and this dang puter won't let me do it!!! I am getting so fed up! I'll try in another 15 min. or so...aarrrgghh! I know I'm gonna love whatever you send!!