Monday, March 13, 2006

My Fabulous Finds at the Junior League Sale

I keep forgetting to post this...why is everything underlined? There isn't even an option to underline here! And I can't fix it.

Anyway...Junior League giant garage sale! If they ever have one in your area, go! I went on the last day and the deal was any and everything you can stuff into a giant shopping bag was $5.00! I ended up with 4 bags.

This is the before picture of the king size bed in the guest room, and I didn't even take everything that I got out, and it filled the bed.

You can (HEY! It's fixed!) see I got TONS of stuff! Some old handsewn stuff, clothes I bought just for the fabric, old patterns that are so old the original price was .50 cents! Artificial flowers for art and lots of other ephemera, and TONS and tons of old books! I just can't pass up books!

This children's art book was published in 1966...the year I was born. (lol!) It has lots of cool stuff in it. This Good Housekeeping Needlecraft book is my favorite! It was originally published in 1959, but this edition is from 1974. It has over 1400 items you can make in it. Tons of cute (and practicle) stuff!
And this Goodfellow Catalog is so cool! It's from 1970something, and is a catalog of things made by artists from pottery to paintings to quilts and God only knows what else. And each item has a little write-up on the artist him/her self. Very neat!
I can only imagine what you would find there if you went the first or second day! Definitely going to remember this one next year!


zorana said...

It looks like you're going to have fun with all those things. I can hardly wait for the library sale in May... all those books for unbelievable prices... big fun.

artjunk~ said...

what fun! I love book sales. I have a collection of old cook books, kid fairy tales and classics from my "flea-tiquing" days! I've been thinkin' it's time to do this again now that it's close to spring. I just love that kinda stuff--and it's fun getting the bargains galore! now I'm getting the itch....