Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some baby things...

A friend of a friend is fostering newborns-she just moved from CA to TX, and although she has fostered for years in CA, she just got her first 2 babies here in TX a couple of weeks last week of June. So, she has 2 brand spankin' new babies at her house, a boy and a girl!

Anyway, because they are usually drug babies, premature and low birth weight, she is having a very hard time finding bibs that are small enough. So I made her several, along with some burp cloths. They are all cute little prints on the front and backed with chenille or terry cloth. I made tons of little girl ones, because I have tons of little girl fabric, but, was only able to make one set of little boy ones-it was made out of blue 'cow jumps over the moon' fabric backed with yellow chenille. (For some reason that picture must have gotten deleted. But... here are a couple of pictures of the other ones.

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lindiepindie said...

What a sweet gift! Those look like itty bitty bibs! Wow - my kids weren't super small, but it's hard to imagine babies being much smaller.