Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fat Quarter Swap

What a great swap group this is! It's the 'Fat Quarter Swap' on Flickr. Every month you are paired with a new partner and you are required to send them X amount of fat quarters (3, 5 or whatever the organizer states) then throw in an extra goodie or two.

So what's so great about it?
1.) You get to shop!
2.) You get to make things or not, depending on your mood.
3.) You get a present in the mail at least once a month!

Lori in North Carolina was my partner for all know her, right? LOL! Well, I thought the swap was for 5 fat quarters, but found out after I sent it that it really was only for 3. No big deal. BUT, Lori sent me 4 fat quarters plus a really pretty lavender and light green (one of my favorite color combos) dish towel; and we all know how much I like those! So...amazingly enough, we each sent each other 5 pieces of fabric. Then, among the extras I included in her package were some vintage buttons and a needlebook. She also sent me some beautiful vintage red buttons and a needlebook! OK-so, everyone loves vintage buttons so that's not so weird, but I thought the fact that we made each other needlebooks was pretty cool! AND...there's the whole 'Lori/Lauri' thing going on...I'm just sayin'!

Anyway, I posted the picture of what I sent her above. And I would LOVE to post the picture of what I received, but...I can't find the whatchacallit cable that goes from the camera to the computer! (The picture of what I sent was already there.) I just wanna know which kid was using it to dangle things down from the balcony upstairs to the kitties downstairs, and what they did with it when they were done.


andie said...

how cool!!! to both the swap group and what you are sending!!

Kelly said...

What a neat swap! I would love to do something like this.