Thursday, March 29, 2007

I just love these!

Makes it easy to type up quick and in-a-flash what's been going on or what you need to do!

Julie-I'm almost done! I promise!
Terri-I'm so sorry I keep forgeting! I promise I'll get it out today or tomorrow!
Drewzel-Same thing! It's ready to go-just haven't been able to get by the post office.
Liz-Two words. Super. JoAnn's.
Seriously...I'm so sorry I've gotten so behind! I was doing so good! Well, up until Spring Break. Then I think the problem was, I had a couple of days to slow down and think, and all the stress just caught up with me and I turned totally lame. And Steven's birthday is the 3rd, although that isn't that big of a deal (Pppfffffttt! Don't tell him I said that!) But, Easter falls on Allison's birthday this, 2 holidays in one. AND, her friend is trying to work with me to set up some kind of "wake-up surprise follow the notes treasure hunt to her house special thing" for the day before her birthday PLUS Allison wants a sleepover but doesn't quite get why it really isn't a good idea to plan that on Easter weekend! And, right now as I type, Claire is begging me to make MATCHING BATHING SUITS for her and Allison! Wha?!? #1: It's still March! #2-I can't sew anything that stretches! Claire says, "Mom! All you need is a pattern!" How in the world did she get that much confidence in me??? And I must brag on Ethan here...he loves to draw and is actually very good at it. So, one of his drawings/paintings was selected for the Art Master's thing to represent his school for the district, and that show is tonight! I'm not sure what happens there, but I am excited!

OK-wait...this was just supposed to be a nice quick "let people know I'm still alive" post. Not a nervous breakdown post. Usually the nervous breakdown posts are reserved for BlogSmith! Guess I'll stop here...just wanted everyone to know I haven't forgotten you!


Lauri said...

Ummm...I have NO IDEA why that whole entire post is linked! I've tried to fix it, but I can't.

Monica said...

Hurray for Ethan!!! Take lots of pictures at the art show!:)

Lori said...

ROFLMAOOOOOOOOO Too funny!!!!!!!! You are such a nutball! And what exactly are those index card note things? Guess I better reread it and put my glasses on.