Tuesday, February 03, 2009

We'll do all of the catching up over a few posts...

Catching Up: Part 1

First, run, don't walk, to your closest Barnes & Noble or wherever to get the new 'Apronology' magazine by Stampington! Then get a bib because you are surely going to drool all over the place while you are looking through it. After you have been through all of the pictures, put it down for an hour or 24 or until you have controlled the drooling. If the pages aren't all stuck together, go through it again to get all of the info. And you must must must check out Calamity Kim's very cool, very HOT apron! This magazine is so full of inspiration that as I was cleaning out my iron today with a mixture of water and vinegar (because we have such hard water here, this has to be done almost every time I use my iron. And since I have been lazy lately, I've just been using the iron without steam, so it's been a while) and all of the brown junk is spewing out all over the old, thin, almost gauze dish towel I put down to catch all of that stuff on instead of the ironing board, I thought, "Hey! This could be the beginning of a really great art apron!"

See that bottle of purple liquid? It is MaryEllen's Best Press-The Clear Starch Alternative. I just got it yesterday at Hancock Fabrics. The scent is 'Lavender Fields' and it smells wonderfully! I guess it works, too, but I really don't care because it makes the whole room smell good. The only thing is, there is no list of ingredients. I have NO IDEA what this stuff is made of. It just says that it is "acid-free". But, then again...there is that lovely scent of lavender floating through the room....

There are a couple of new things in my studio I'd like to show everyone. The first one is this cute little 'thing'...I think it's an old match holder, but that's just a guess. If anyone does know what this is, let me know. I found it in a little shop on S. Congress in Austin, and right now I'm using it as a holder for business and Moo cards.

And this is just too good to be true! A friend of mine is doing a lot of purging, and one of the things she wanted to get rid of is her mother's old sewing machine! Aack! WHA? Allison told me about this actually...she was babysitting this friend's children when my friend asked Allison for help with her new sewing machine. She didn't know how to thread it. Up until that day she was still sewing with her mom's old machine. Anyway, she mentioned something about getting rid of the old machine but she didn't know how, really. Should she give it to some place like Goodwill or just toss it out? And right there and then my dear Alli betrayed me! She didn't just grab it and run like a good daughter would! She didn't even tell my friend that I would want it, and believe me, Allison KNEW that I would want it. After giving my friend a lesson on her new machine, Allison came home and just casually mentioned the approaching fate of the old machine. The conversation then went something like this:
Me: You didn't TELL HER that I would WANT IT?!
Al: No. (yawns)
Me: WHY NOT?!?
Al: I dunno. What's there to eat?
Me: You're on your own kid. I'm going after that machine!

I dial up my friend as fast as I can, like the sewing machine was going to disappear into thin air or something (lol) and as casually as I can, BEG FOR IT! She says, "Of course you can have it! Come over tomorrow and get it, but it's heavy so bring the car, don't walk." Yeah, yeah...sewing machines are heavy. I know that. But I carry mine all the time, no big deal, I can't believe she is such a wimp! The next day I head over to her house, walking of course, because she is close and I really can't justify starting up the Jeep and driving there, adding to the pollution problem and Global Warming and all of that. I was ready to pay her a lot of good money for this beauty...it's really old, totally made of cast iron or something equally as heavy, and it's a beautiful color of a light bluish-green. I had never seen a green one before. But, she wouldn't take my money and let me have it for FREE in exchange for some lessons on her new machine, because, she said, she knew it was going to a good home. I told her she was free to visit it anytime. I am totally euphoric and cannot believe this is happening to me so I decide I'm grabbin' that baby and gettin' outta there before she changes her mind but, when I try to lift it up I realize that she was telling the truth when she said to "bring the car"! I actually called Steven and had him drive over and put it in the Jeep and bring it home. So here it is, in it's Shrine-like spot in my Studio.

It's up on the highest shelf, which made it hard to get really great pictures of, but it is way too heavy for me to take down! Here are a few close-ups.

You can see part of my Pez collection there-some of the Winnie the Pooh characters.

If you look very closely, you can sorta see me reflected in the silver wheel on the right side of the machine.

Very. Cool.


happy zombie said...

VERY COOL INDEED! What a score on your machine. I love the colors, love the look, love it all! And your new "moo card holder"... love that too!

Kate said...

Great sewing machine! Apronology looks fabulous!