Friday, April 03, 2009

I can't believe it's April 3!

And I really can't believe I haven't posted since February 25! Guess the brain really was numb. Plus we had Spring Break in it was really 'Spring'...I took the kids to Houston to visit my mom and dad, and that was the week that Houston decided to have Winter. It rained the entire time we were there, LITERALLY, and it got really cold! Down into the 30's at night and high's were only in the 40's during the day. Of course, we only had flip-flops and shorts and t-shirts. Except Ethan, who actually left our house without shoes, so I had to stop on the way and get him a pair. (I know, that seems to happen a lot around here.)

Since then,'s all a blur really. Seems like everything goes nonstop. Plus, I got a really bad cold and took ONE dose of NyQuil which completely knocked me out for an ENTIRE weekend. No lie. Then I had that sexy Marge Simpson voice going for a few days. Got my regular voice back yesterday but then had to take Ethan to the doctor because he has an ear infection. Or, as he described it, "I think a hornet AND a yellow jacket both got in my ear and stung me!" Poor thing, but he always has a great discription.

And today is actually Steven's 40th Birthday! Now that he is 40, I can no longer deny being in my 40's. Which I really never do, but I seem so much younger in my 22! lol! Anyway, back to Steven's birthday...I have NO IDEA what to get him. So yesterday I asked him if he wanted me to cook anything special for dinner. When he was finished laughing and choking and falling on the floor, he said, "Well, I had never really considered that option. I just thought we'd go out for Mexican food." Good decision, hun! But I'm feeling just a little sorta Betty-ish, like maybe I want to make a cake or something. I don't's a whole new feeling so I'm not sure what it is, but that might be it. Or cupcakes maybe. Ooooo! Cupcakes mean I could go to Michael's and get some cute accessories! Cupcakes it is, then!

And after living in this house for almost 4 years, I actually have curtains on almost every window now, because my mom was here for a few days. Of course, I still gotta get pictures of that.

I also have a funny 'Conversation with Claire' from Sunday...

*Claire was playing at a friend's house, and called home to ask a question*

Telephone ringing...

Me: Hello?

Claire: Mom. Is it ok if I go to Jenna's church with her? Don't worry, I won't pray or anything! She just has to pick up her soccer uniform.

Me: (in Old Jewish Lady from New York City Voice, like I really teach my kids NOT to pray!) Gawd fa-bid tha pray-ing!

Claire: Huh?

Me: (laughing) Yes, you can go, it's fine with me.

Claire: (to Jenna) She said Yes!!! (little girls screaming in backround)
But Mom! Don't worry, I won't pray or anything!

She hangs up the phone, and leaves me wondering what the hell Jenna's mom is thinking right about then....



Anonymous said...

LOL....well at least she doesn't pray! I know me and my sister embarrassed my mom a lot with comments like these. I can't wait for Sophia to start talking so she can say totally inappropriate comments that will make me laugh. Happy Birthday to the husband! I once got sick and had a 50's movie star voice for awhile. I really enjoyed it. Everywhere we'd go people would stare. It made me feel tres sexy. I hate it when spring break turns into winter week. We often get large amounts of snow around here during that time.

Jess B said...

So...did she pray?