Friday, July 23, 2010

Just wipe that slate clean...

It's Summer Time, and this is how we roll. *All pictures taken by Allison with her camera phone.*

Long story short...I like to blog and I don't like that I haven't been able to blog regularly in so very long.

I've also had 3 MAJOR life changing things happen since the last time I blogged:

1) I got really sick again, which made me really realize that Celiac Disease is called a disease for a reason. Because it is real. And I really cannot eat gluten. The doctors were right, so score one for them and a big fat "Zero, you big dummy!" for me. LOL! We have a local health food store that seems to have a nice supply of gluten free things, and I have been pleasently surprised with the local grocery store. There is definitely the potential there for it to be great, and for me not have to oder all of my needs over the internet. Anytime I find a good Gluten Free product, I will be sure to post about that, because most gluten fee things I have had have been horrid! I just received the "Gluten Free Mama" cookbook, and cannot wait to try it! She had a cooking background to begin with, then her third child had problems with wheat, so she used that knowledge to come up with her own gluten free recipes and put it into a book. She also sells rice flowers and other things on her website: I still need a few cooking a real mixer, pots and pans, and things like that but, when I get up and running, I will most definitely post about the good gluten free items I come across, and hopefully make it a little easier for the next person who has to go through this.

2) We moved! Steven was given a very nice promotion but we had to leave Texas to take it, so we are now in a small town in Oklahoma and I am in love with it! I adjusted well to small town life and have already become spoiled. The kids are doing well, also. Our house was built in 1916 by a Judge who was originally appointed to this region by President McKinley! Up until recently, it had remained in the same family. However, there came a time when something drastic needed to be done so it was sold to a couple who refirbished it and brought it back to life without changing much but the kitchen, which is absolutely gorgeous it actually makes me want to cook! *I know, can you believe it?* So more pictures on that later but here are a couple...

This is a little secret spot in our yard. It is a little meadow type spot hidden by a tree line and my "cottage"...which is a room added onto our garage that will soon be my studio. The yard is huge and one of the biggest selling points of the house!

*Picture by Allison and her camera phone.

Another spot in the yard...we have real, live, grass, y'all!

*Picture by Allison and her camera phone.

Because I have basically been sick since we have been in this house since mid-June, and if I wasn't sick I was back in San Antonio or Austin, we have only unpacked what was absolutely necessary, and we don't have any furniture except our beds and the dining room table. So, I'll be blogging about all of the fun decorating adventures! LOL

3) OK, now...sit down, hang onto your hat, whatever you need to do to get ready...I found my birth mother and have met her whole family! (Almost.) Her immediate family (husband, son, daughter-in-law and 3 grandchildren!) along with her sisters and brother, and one of her sister's children, in-laws and grandchildren. What a trip!!! I now have 2 nieces and a nephew! They actually call me "Aunt Lauri"! This whole experience has been a dream that you would never even dare to dream that actually came true. Truly amazing, and many more details to come!

It just occurred to me as I was typing that maybe I should get an "ok" from them before I add their names, so for right now I will only use titles as necessary...

From where we lived in San Antonio, we probably lived within a 10 mile radius of my aunt, uncles and cousins, some so close we've probably seen each other in HEB, Target and/or Wal-Mart, not including other places we would normally go on a daily or weekly basis. One of my aunts was a teacher at our "rival" middle school!

My birth mother, her husband, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren are all in Austin. most favorite place to be in the world! I would drive to Austin to "Hey, Cucake!", to get a cupcake out of an old Airstream on S. Congress before I would make them at home. LOL! I'd take any excuse to go to Austin, and if you've read this blog, oh,'ve probably figured that out already.

One little tiny detail...she's a quilter! It's genetic! So all of that fabric hoarding you do? That stash that is so big you will never even make a dent in it yet you cannot stop buying more??? NOT YOUR FAULT! It's genetic. You were born that way. You couldn't stop even if you tried. So don't. Why waste the energy? Embrace it! I threw myself into that fire to test that excuse...I mean, "theory"...for all of use it, and if anyone says, "Prove it!"...just point to me! LOL!

So there will definitely be more updates about that to come!

For is our lastest crafty project...Claire made a unicorn! She drew a body out with a Sharpie on white felt, then cut it out. Cut out some pick felt for a nose and some glittery, purple felt for the 'corn' or whatever it is called. Except for glueing on google eyes, she hand sewed everything. I only helped remove a couple of knots from the embroidery floss that she used to sew things together and with the tail. So other than that, it's all Claire!

We just got back from our latest trip back to Austin and San Antonio last night...we left for SA last Saturday...spent a few days hanging out at the pool and getting to know some of the new family. Wednesday we picked up Allison's friend, Laura, and headed to Austin. Spent the night there then drove back to OK yesterday afternoon. I think we will be doing lots of local exploring while she is here, starting with tonight...we will be seeing a local production of "Cinderella"! I love that I have an excuse to put on a dress!

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