Thursday, January 04, 2007

More WIPs, A Find and The Last of the Christmas Projects

Oops. I just realized that the title may technically be wrong...because this particular WIP was supposed to be a Christmas gift, I'm just hoping to have it done in time for his birthday later this month. (If I would just get off the computer and quit looking at everyone elses' beautiful things, I could make more of my own!) Anyway...this is a little art quilt I'm working on. It's actually one in a series of 3. I've got 3 great pictures: one of him as a teeny boy, one as an older boy, then one all grown up. I've also made up a little story to go along with them. I really hope he likes it! I don't know if this type of art appeals to him or not but, I think he'll enjoy the humor, if nothing else. There will be words in the big, black spaces and of course I'll do more stitching and beading. I've made about the same amount of progress on the other two, but they weren't around while I was taking pictures.

This is my Find! I found it in the little dollar section of Target, which they call something else now because not everything is a dollar...this was $2.50. Still a bargain! They call it a "magazine rack", but I don't think they know what they are talking about, as it is clearly a little sewing basket for toting little WIPs around the house in! It's pretty small-the blue basket part is about 10 X 8, so I don't even know what magazine would even fit in there...comics, maybe? lol! You can also see one of my other WIPs in there now. I'm practicing my embroidery before I do some on yet another work in progress. I haven't embroidered in years so, although it doesn't have to be perfect, I want to make sure it at least looks decent. I don't know what I'm going to do with this when I'm done though...but, I did choose the colors to match my new office when we are done with the renovations, so I'll probably turn it into a little pillow or mini quilt somehow. (Of course, those are technically my initials...the 'P' doesn't always show up, though! LOL! After 14 years I still can't get used to that married name!) Anyway, I just love this little basket!

THIS is the last of the Christmas Projects, I promise! One more picture of a couple of Christmas Pillows out of the Target kitchen towels that you haven't seen before...the red one, which is a heavy cotton with appliques (similar to the sage green ones) and one made out of a cotton waffle knit towel. This was such a great and easy way to decorate! Just fold it in half, stitch it up leaving a little opening for stuffing, sew that up, and it's done!

The last towel project...a tote bag. I could have put a little more time and energy to it, but, I was trying to make it to match an outfit right before we were meeting some friends for dinner.... It's still cute and, because it's not so 'Christmasy'/more 'Wintery, I am still using it. I can at least use it through January, and maybe even in February if it's not 75 degrees outside by then.

I also made Christmas aprons for Allison, Claire and my mom, and I could have SWORN I took pictures of them, but I guess not. Allison wanted everyone to have matching aprons for the baking and cooking. So, although only she and Nana matched, I was able to whip up 3 for them, and I used my vintage Christmas one. I am going to leave the computer today, and work on some of those WIPs! Really. I promise. I think.

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Monica said...

Hi Lauri! Happy new Year! a little late, but I'm back from 'hibernation'. seriously, you know except for one or two days the weather have been perfect for doing nothing other than stay at home watching the imaginary flies passing by...Girl you've been busy! I see so many wonderful projects on your blog. I haven't got to Target for a while, I'd better go soon before all that dollar stuff is gone!Actually, if you ever need some company to go shopping, or go hunting for fabrics, or flea markets or thrift stores, count me in! And for the kids, I hope the weather warms up again soon so we can go to the park together or any other ideas!? As for my projects, I do need some "remind me to create"...I hope is just the weather that is making me so lazy (so embarrasing to admit!). See you soon!