Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little Projects

Well, some little, some a little bigger. I've been trying to blog a few things over at munkeepod but geez! Talk about painful! There are so many hoops I have to jump just to get to where I can post that I can't remember them all, and get stuck there in the middle somewhere. Then, I can only hold 12, yep, that's right, TWELVE images in my whatever to post. So, if I want to post a picture of something, I have to upload it into my folder or whatever, then upload it to the blog. Once I reach 12, which is pretty often, and I want to post more, I have to delete something. When it's deleted out of the folder, it deletes it from the blog, too. Well, that isn't going to work, because I need the pictures to stay there. Ugh! I really thought it would be better, but, I'm seriously thinking I'll just stay here. Maybe I'll change the title to 'munkeepod' but, I don't know. I'll have to think about it.

Anyway...on a better note...these are a couple of clothespin dolls the girls and I made on Sunday. Can you tell which one is Claire and which one is Allison?

Then on Tuesday, Claire wanted me to make her a "real" doll. Which I have been wanting to try for a long time! But do y'all remember the one I tried a while back? The one that was turning out so horribly I couldn't continue? Well, I've been scared to try again, but I did it anyway. The arms and legs and abdomen came together very quickly...I even gave her a ladybug birthmark.

Claire wanted buttons for the eyes, so I started working on the face. Sewed on two little brown buttons and embroidered a nose and mouth. Stalled out at that point because we didn't have anything for hair. So, yesterday we got some brown yarn-but we still don't have any hair or head. I also got some elastic thread to use, to sort of smock the top of the dress I was going to make for the doll. I have never used that before, and was very happily surprised that that all went off without a hitch! So, I made a little sundress out of the Tracy Porter fabric that we got from the Apron Mini Swap we did with Crystal and Eryn just a couple of weeks back, and it came out really cute! The thing is, Claire is already loving this doll so much, taking it with her everywhere she goes, including Target, headless and loosing stuffing along the way, I don't think I'll ever be able to get it back from her to put the head on! lol!

One more little project...this little black and white drawstring bag. I love it but, I'm going to have to play with some handles or definitely needs some modification if I'm going to want it to stay up on my shoulder. Maybe even just a longer drawstring.

Alright-time for lunch, then other projects await!


sarah said...

Those dolls are so cute!!

Why don't you upload your photos to flickr and host them there, and just display them on the blog? Even if you have a free account and go over the limit, your old photos will still show in the blog so you'll have no limit.

Lauri said...

Aaaaahh! I guess that would work...see Sarah, I need friends like you who know how to work thing like that!

Monica said...

I love the story of the headless doll. I'm laughing out loud! Can't wait to see her with the head on...if Claire lets you do it!

melissa said...

love this bag, love the headless doll, love your blog, am subscribing immediately!