Thursday, January 26, 2006

Not gettin' much done today.'s what I look like today...still in my pajamas. But, I did get proof that I was actually doing something! I was sitting on the couch, cutting out some stuff for an art project, while watching 'Law & Order' and playing with the camera. lol! So here's the right hand view of my face. And here's the left hand view! I know it ain't pretty, folks...there is no glamour going on at my house!

And remember that picture I showed you last Sunday of my nice, new, CLEAN art table??? it is today, in all of it's (ok. my) ADD glory! There are a couple of pictures of this, just so you don't miss any of the crap on the floor.

And this doesn't count the sewing machine and the sewing stuff out on the dining room table! I didn't even take a picture of that! I've been working on top secret projects all for my mom, who will be here TOMORROW...and one for Vicci, as a RAK for her RAK. lol! I don't think Mom's will be finished before she gets here, but it will definitely be done before she leaves on Monday. And Vicci...yours is just not turning out like I want it to, so I have to keep starting over. But, after I'm done with all the cleaning I have to do before Mom comes, and then after they go home, I will be able to work on it exclusively! It'll definitely be done next week!

Oh...and did you catch the hat I was wearing in the pictures above? I always wore a denim bucket hat when I was working, but I guess it shrinks every time I wash it...and after the other day, it's just squeezing my head and gives me a headache. So I got a new one, then added the 'ArtSmith' thing to it. I've decided I'm going to keep adding to it every so often. Kind of like a journal hat. And now the kids want one! lol! I'll have the whole family wearing the 'ArtSmith' logo! rofl!


Leah said...

i love the artsmith hat!! and yeah, your studio looks much like mine, but yours might be more organized. hehehe...and i'm not add, just totally messy. :-)

In Otter Space said...

If your art studio were neat and tidy it would mean you were not using it to be creative. A messy studio = an active art life. Lisa

Shari said...

I have felt and looked like you are feeling in these pictures for about the last six weeks. You are way braver than I am---I would never be able to post pix of me or my art room (and by the way my artroom looks like a garbage dump next to your!). I did create a little yesterday. I did a 4X6 postcard that I will post later. The creative block is better, but I still freeze up every time I sit down to do art. The ideas are there, but I am having trouble getting them on to paper, or canvas, or AB's, etc.. Hurry springtime!
hugs, shari xxxx
P.S. I don't think I ever told you how much I love the Frida art on your studio wall and I think it is really neat that the fabric on your couch is all Frida! I love her too!

zorana said...

he, he... I took pictures of my art space two weeks ago. I had the best intention of posting them in my blog, but chickened out. I think it looked less "organized" than yours.
- Creative mess is better than idle neatness -