Wednesday, January 25, 2006


God I'm so ADD! It is no wonder where my kids get it from! I've got like 4 projects going on right now...I start one, get bored, start something else, get bored, go back to the first one and get bored again so I start another between that and kids, NOTHING gets finished!

Focus, Lauri! Focus!

Found the ink pad and the glaze...apparently, I had left the glaze in the kitchen and Steven cleaned up for me and put it in our bedroom. As for the ink pad...I have this little metal rolling cart that has canvas drawers or baskets in it. I always keep the ink pad there. I had taken all the baskets out, taken everything out of them, and no ink pad. Steven came home, took one look in the top basket and Voila! There it was! I hate when that happens!

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Blue Dog said...

Focus Pocus! :)