Saturday, February 11, 2006

Artist's Date

OK-so I'm cheating this week, and going on my Artist's Date with my husband. It's just been a very busy week here and I couldn't get my time away. So, we are actually going down to the San Antonio Art League & Museum. I want to see the stuff there but, it's also a scouting mission, too. They are having their Annual Artist's Exhibition coming up, and it's basically an open call to everyone within a 60 mile radius of San Antonio to enter their artwork. The deadline for entering is Feb. 24. They then judge your work on the 26th, and, if it's acceptable it is entered into the exhibition that runs from April 2 - May 20. I really want to enter a couple of photographs, so I need to get some details on some things because I have never done anything like this at all.

After the museum we are going to see 'Brokeback Mountain'...I know, I've already seen it, but, I would love to see it again and Steven wants to see it-for the first time. Then I think we are just going to hang out for a while.

MELBA! I promise I will post my meme this weekend!!! So check back!

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