Saturday, February 11, 2006

Oh. My. GOD!!!

So, Steven and I finally find this tiny museum on this street that the city of San Antonio does not want you to find. I go in to ask some questions about the Artist's Exhibit they are having, blah, blah, blah...then take a look around. The museum is in this really old house...very cool. So, I'm looking around at some old oil paintings of flowers and crap...nothing turning me on at all. Then in one room I see this drawing that just draws me to it...I had to go study it. So I go and's just a VERY simple charcoal sketch of a man, on rice paper. Only an outline of the profile of a man's body-no detail what so ever-but it just had this movement to it. Anyway, after studying this for a couple of minutes, I just happened to see the artist's name and it's DIEGO RIVERA! I'm thinking, "No way. There must be some guy who lives in SA who happens to have the same name." lol! Because I am just so not a fan of him, and there is no color at all! The only reason I pay any attention to him at all is because he was married to Frida Kahlo, who is like my idol. But nope. Not just some guy with the same was really and truly an original of the real Diego Rivera. Incredible! In this little bitty tiny museum! I actually got goosebumps, and I don't know why.

So do I get extra AW points for that??? rofl!

I've been to the Smithsonian, I've been to see the Renoir exhibit at the museum in Chicago, I've been to the museums in Houston many times, but, other than the Frida Kahlo exhibit, nothing has even come close to this...and I really don't know why. Because, like I said, I've never been a fan of his. I think this just seems so personal, because it wasn't a whole big just seems like it was a doodle he did while he was busy with something else, you know? Just something that came out that he couldn't really control or didn't really even think about...just a doodle.


GreenishLady said...

Gives me goosebumps to picture that! - I imagine you get full AW points plus bonus for that. - You followed an instinct to go there, and there it was. Wonderful.

Blue Dog said...

I got goosebumps too! That's awesome! Frida is my idol too. For a long time I didn't like Diego--probably becaues he was a man and he cheated on Frida and being somewhat of a feminist, that doesn't groove with me. But I would find myself, over and over, being attracted to his art. Somewhere along the line I decided that it's OK to like Diego's art because, let's face it, IT'S GOOD! And there's a reason Frida fell in love with him in the first place--right?

I envy your Diego find is such an obscure place. That is VERY cool. Here's to "every day" inspirations!

vicci said...

That is so cool Lauri...sounds like you had a good day! GOOD! You needed some time (you and your hubby) no kids!

sb said...

Wow. Just proves that there really is greatness, and it really is recognizable.