Friday, February 24, 2006

Show & Tell Friday-A Meal

Blackbird says she wants to see a meal. Well, here ya go, my "I'm on a Deadline" meal. (See more of my "I'm on a Deadline" lifestyle below! lol!) Coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts! Why don't I just grab a banana from that banana hanger, you ask? Why would anyone eat a banana when KK doughnuts are within reach???

Hey...this post also works with 'Corners of my Home' that everyone is doing! Don't have a link for that but, trust me...people are doing it! This is definitely my favorite corner of my kitchen! It has coffee and KK doughnuts in it!


vicci said...

Hey...come on over to my house and share those doughnuts!!!! PLEASE!!! Have a good weekend Lauri!

Blue Dog said...

OMG all of a sudden i'm REALLY hungry for doughnuts!!! i've never had krispy kreme doughnuts--but something about their name makes me really want one!

and thanks for your comment about your journals! i know i'm weird, but i find it incredibly interesting. oh--and moleskin--i love moleskin journals! i haven't had one in a while, but they're great and definately make good travelin' journals/sketchbooks. i'm a scattered journal writer also. it's good to know that there are others out there. :)-

blackbird said...

...oooh and such a pretty wee lamp too!