Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is what I entered...

Yesterday I dropped of my entries for the SAALM Artist's Exhibition. I entered 2 things: one was this photograph I took at Pedernales Falls. I did not know this, but, if it makes it into the exhibition, it is actually for sale and you have to list your sale's price on it. I had NO CLUE! And if anyone actually said, "Gee, I love this and want to buy it from you.", I would be so excited I would give it to them for free! lol! So I'm thinking maybe $10 or $20??? But, considering it would actually be hanging in a museum, would they be thinking, "Hey, this isn't a garage sale!" lol! But I couldn't really justify asking for more, and even if I could, how much? So I talked to the 3 people who were there taking entries...I was the only one dropping off at the time, so we could talk. They said you have to take into consideration how much money you have invested in it...matting, framing, time, blah, blah, blah..."How much did it cost you to frame it?", they asked. My honest reply, "Less than 10 bucks." "NO WAY! Where did you get it framed???" Me: "Michael's." Them:"Must have been a helluva sale!" roflmao! I just went into Michael's, bought a frame and a mat, then came home and stuck it all together. They couldn't believe it...guess they have everything professionally done.

So anyway, they say to put $150 on it!!! I couldn't believe it-I totally would never be able to justify that, but they said at least that if not more, and if it does sell, the museum keeps 30%. Which is still nothing but profit for me. So, ok, fine, $150 it is. Below is the actual picture, minus the frame and stuff.

I also entered this mixed media collage-Family Portrait. I used acrylic paints, fabric, paper, metal, colored and regular pencils, beads on wires, and blue fringe around the edge of the canvas-like a frame. There are some little, bitty, tiny red flowers along the bottom that didn't really show up in the picture, and Bluebonnets on both sides of the's just that, in the picture, the Bluebonnets on the left side look like part of the fringe. And yes, that is my mom and dad, me, and my brother, Brian. OH! And they told me to list this one at $120. Holy cow. I could get used to selling at museums! lol!

The entries are being juried today (Sunday). Probably Monday afternoon they will send out the little self-addressed, stamped postcard I filled out to let me know if one or the other was accepted or not. If they are declined, I go back next Saturday to pick them up. I'll keep you posted!


GreenishLady said...

Best of luck with that. Yes! Don't sell yourself (or your work) short. I love them both!

Leah said...

i find it hard to price work too, but it's great that you got some advice about what your art is actually worth in "the art world."

good luck! i love both pieces also!

Charlotte said...

Wow - love your projects! Best of luck with both of them - can't wait to hear how you get on :-)
Lolly xx

In Otter Space said...

At the very least $150. And that would be a deal. Don't sell yourself short.