Friday, March 10, 2006

"Mixed Mania"

Ethan's homework assignment this week was to decorate a flower that his teacher gave him an outline of...without using crayons or markers. That's my kind of homework!

I talked to Ethan about creating a textured background, so he covered a piece of sketch paper with silver electrical tape, then I had him prime it. When that was dry, he painted it the color he wanted. He decided he wanted it on a canvas, so I got one and he painted it orange. I talked to him about having "interest" in the background, so he covered over the orange a little with a linen colored paint, then added a little more orange on top of that, because it was a little too washed out. I gave him some metal tape, and he drew designs and his name all over it. We cut out the petals and glued them on the canvas, and because lots of flowers have seeds in the middle, he wanted to use some rice I had dyed a while back with red ink. (He's had his eye on that rice for SO long! lol!) So he glued all that on, then added the metal tape around the edges for framing. I think it came out pretty good!

The funny thing is, I was talking to him about it being a "mixed media" flower, but he kept calling it "mixed mania"...which is so totally perfect!!! We decided that is what we will name our art company!

This next masterpiece was created by Claire, for me! It doesn't look as good in the picture, but the colors are so beautiful! Hanging this one up for sure!


vicci said...

TALENT!!!!! I LOVE the art work!

zorana said...

That flower is absolutely great! The teacher will be blown away! Now I want to make a mixed mania flower with my daughter..

Laura said...

Oh, wow - the flower is great. And what a wonderful teacher, to make an assignment like that instead of the generic pipe cleaners and drawings mode that I remember from some years, growing up.