Saturday, March 04, 2006

Two reasons why today was so great...

Today was the day I had to go pick up my art from the SAALM, since it didn't make it into the exhibition.

*One thing I want to say about this: I'm not feeling sad or upset or feeling rejected or anything because it didn't make it! I didn't figure it would because it's not the kind of art that is usually exhibited at that museum, PLUS the judge was a really conservative one, I think. I'm actually really glad I did it, and I plan on doing it again every year, whether I ever get in or not.*

Anyway...going to pick up my stuff...and Allison's friend, Erica, spent the night last night and they went with me to do that and go to this little old quilt shop in Alamo Heights.

So I get to the museum and I'm signing for my stuff when this guy comes out and asks my name and I tell him, and we start walking into the room. Then he asks what I'm picking up. I told him one photograph in a black frame and a "...mixed media piece that has blue fringe all around the edges of it." He totally comes to life and says, "I know that piece! I love it!", and he walks right to it and picks it up and he is looking at it before he hands it over to me and he said, "I love this. I fought really hard to get this in, but the judge wouldn't accept it. I really argued for it though!". (That right there was worth it all.) Then he started asking me about it and where I went to school and stuff...LOL! And he just keeps repeating that he really wanted it in and how hard he fought for it. And the thing is, I actually believe him. Because he had no clue or interest in my photograph, and he wasn't telling other people that. So that was nice to hear.

This museum, by the way, is in the "King William District" of town. It's a cool, funky, artsy part of town. And from there, we make our way to Alamo Heights, which is another cool part of town...not really in the funky, artsy way, just an old, historic, artsy, intellectual, vegan way, if you can possibly understand what I mean by that! lol! I just don't know how else to describe it. Not parts of town where kids would normally go. But, I take Allison there all the time, and I would take her to places like that in Houston all the time. If you know Houston, I would equate these areas to the Montrose and Rice Village areas there.

So anyway, we make it to the quilt shop and are getting out of the car and Allison and Erica are walking behind me, and Erica is, apparently, kind of surprised by the places we have been. So Allison says...and this is the best part of my whole day..."Yeah, the best thing about having an artist for a mom is that you get to go shopping in really cool places!"

It actually brought tears to my eyes (and they are welling up again, as I type) and it was all I could do to keep walking and not stop dead in my tracks, and pretend like I didn't hear them talking. My daughter actually thinks I'm an artist...and for some reason, that is a really big deal for me.


Kristine said...

Great post. I think you are really neat.

Laura said...

Oh, wow - wow! What a wonderful pair of moments - to have your work and your path admired/supported by someone who did not know you, and by your daughter. Lovely!

GreenishLady said...

Those two affirmations are just so wonderful! - Well done. So your entry brought results you couldn't have expected or planned for. Great! And your daughter! Aaah.

the_artista said...

and i couldn't agree with you more honey... one of my proudest moments was going to my daughter's class for her "star of the week" presentation. She had brought several projects we had done in the studio and when asked where she got to "make" them she said..."in my momma's studio-- she's an artist!" it's funny how we know this about ourselves, but it feels so great to have others recognize it... to affirm it, especially those we love the MOST!

You art and personality are so alive and I am glad to have connected with YOU!