Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just a teezer...

The last week of school is always the busiest, and this one is no exception. And, because you know my life never just runs smoothly and according to schedule, even when I know it's gonna be crazy, we were thrown a couple of big surprises! Nothing bad, really...just surprising. I'll be back with details and pictures later.Today Allison and Ethan both have award ceremonies at their respective schools...AT THE SAME EXACT TIME! I have to go to Ethan's because he would be absolutely devastated if there wasn't anyone there for him. But then Allison was crying because no one would be there for her...and we really didn't think Steven would be able to make it. But, things have changed, so, he is going to hers, and I am going to Ethan's. And on that note...I must go get dressed!

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