Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer vacation???

It may seem as though I am on vacation, but, there is no such thing in this house! lol!

I'm working on things, but can never seem to finish...LOTS of works in progress! Hopefully I'll be able to finish up something soon and post a picture. Well...I did finish one thing that was a gift, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I gave it away. And I do need to make something for a friend who's birthday is Thursday...maybe I'll remember to take a picture of that! lol! Hmmm...tote bag or apron? She did just move into a new house.... I'll have to think on that one.

Hope everyone else is having a productive summer!

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lindiepindie said...

I've heard that if you don't take a picture of it, then it's questionable as to whether it really existed! How about a bag for her birthday and an apron for a house-warming gift?